The tablet you need to return to routine is from Samsung, with a large storage capacity… and for only 185 euros!

The fight for electronic devices at home is more than assured. Adults and children we are ready to start (and finish!) a fierce fight for the use of these gadgets that solve our working hours, homework or leisure (plus sleepless hours now that we’ve discovered audiobooks!). But the truth is that just one computer is not enough for the chores of the whole family, so come September there are many who take advantage of the beginning of the course to get some good offer with which to increase the techie bet of our home. Do we throw ourselves into the arms of a tablet?

With a size halfway between a laptop and a smartphone, this device has the perfect measurements to work in the comfort of home, and it is that they are all screen! Thus, they are a perfect ally to make video calls, deliver reports and, yes, also follow an online class and do homework if we talk about its usefulness for the little ones at home. Also, thanks to this feature, it is perfect for enjoying leisure. Yes indeed, Before choosing a model, we must take into account a series of featuressuch as RAM memory, since, if we use this device to store photos or to enjoy a few games, we need a powerful computer that can hold all our documents (but also those of the whole family!). Finally, be careful with the operating system: our advice is to match the majority to ensure maximum compatibility.

Now, which model do we choose? The possibilities are as many as brands demand in the market, but in 20deCompraswithout losing sight of the previous benefits, we are to look at the final price… and the discount! What do you think of this tablet reduced by 20% and available for less than 186 euros?

Galaxy Tab A8.
Galaxy Tab A8.

Why bet on it?

  • Immersive experience. Thanks to its 10.5-inch screen and its sound system (with quad speakers and Dolby Atmos technology), this model offers an immersive experience to enjoy audiovisual content, games and activities.
  • Power-proof performance. This model is equipped with an octa-core processor, 4 gigs of RAM and up to 32 GB of internal storage to support any activity without affecting the speed of the processor.
  • Exclusive content. With this tablet we will obtain access to Samsung TV Plus, an instant and free television whose contents we can enjoy whenever we feel like it.
  • Interesting features. This model includes features that we have loved, such as ‘screen recorder’, which allows you to easily record the screen so that you always have classes, conferences or special content in a safe place. We have also loved its ability to split the screen and be able to perform two tasks at the same time.
  • Samsung Kids. If your children are going to access this device, you can activate Samsung Kids, a safe environment where children can do educational activities, play their favorite video games or learn how to use these devices. All this with parental control, with game limits and selective access to applications.

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