“The Taliban have started their manhunt”

Interpreters, journalists or activists, they have everything to fear from the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan, and International mail decided to give them the floor. Today, Ahmad *, former owner of an Afghan newspaper, says he wrote texts against Islamist extremists and now lives in hiding somewhere in Kabul.

Afghan newspaper owner and journalist Ahmad * left his home on August 15, the day Kabul fell to the Taliban. Since then, with his wife and four daughters, the 41-year-old man has lived in hiding somewhere in the Afghan capital.

“Our newspaper had a democratic and secular line. We published texts against Taliban violence. I have been threatened by this group before and had to change the address of our newsroom several times. Today we stopped publishing our newspaper. With my family, we live in hiding ”, said this Afghan, from the Hazara Shiite religious minority, the target of persecution by Sunni extremists during their first reign, between 1996 and 2001.

“Even if it is not their public policy to attack the Hazaras, the experiences of the past suggest that they still have radical ideas”, supports the journalist, whom we managed to reach by WhatsApp.



International mail

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