The tax evasion scandal has been cleaned up?Fan Bingbing’s photoshoot is so beautiful

Entertainment Center / Reported by Weng Yucen

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing was severely fined after being involved in the “Yin-Yang Contract” tax evasion scandal in 2018. She became a bad actor and severely damaged her image, and she lost many advertising endorsements. Although he has not been able to make a full comeback so far, he has begun to attend events one after another to try to make a comeback. Recently, she publicly posted a series of beautiful photos revealing that she “moved a new company”, which seems to be vaguely planning to return, which has made many fans look forward to it.

Fan Bingbing has recently been active in social networking sites to share daily moments, actively rebuilding her image of being close to the people, and her popularity is gradually picking up. Today (22), she uploaded a number of beautiful photos on Weibo. She has black hair and a shawl. She is wearing a black minimalist cat top. After applying delicate makeup, her face is fair and translucent, and it is not obvious that she is 40 years old. Pretty good.

Fan Bingbing posted a beautiful photo and revealed that he “moved a new company”, which seemed to reveal that he was planning to return, which made many fans look forward to it. (Photo/Photo taken from Fan Bingbing’s Weibo)

In the article, Fan Bingbing quietly revealed the recent situation of “moving to a new company”. Although he did not elaborate on the next step of his acting work, it still attracted many fans to speculate whether he was preparing for “official return”. Although Fan Bingbing’s popularity was not as popular as before due to the tax evasion scandal, his every move still attracted a lot of attention. Netizens flooded into messages to care about “Anyway, I like Fan Bingbing”, “New company to shoot new drama?”, “When can we wait for the goddess ‘s new play?”, aroused heated discussions.

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