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On Vale’s chest.

On the chest – Ok

Who’s behind? Valentina and Valeria Pérez make up the Cartagena duo Vale. They are twins and since childhood they have been linked to the musical arts. Both are graduates of Northwestern State University in Louisiana and have put all their knowledge at the service of their songs. Shock selected Vale as one of the 2021 Music Bets.

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What is it about? In the midst of complex moments for the whole world, and especially for Colombia, the women of Cartagena arrive with a song to cheer hearts. On the chest is a simple that invites us to celebrate the little things that make us happy. It also describes what many feel when they are in their fullness thanks to love.

What does it sound like? Alternative pop with a lot of Latin sound. A chorus that invites you to sing with your hand on your heart and dancing as if no one were watching. The new song by the Cartagena twins has as musical producers the geniuses Juanes, Sebastian Krys and Daniel Galindo.

What about the video? Directed by Valentina and Valeria in the company of Ken Rodriguez, it is an ode to those afternoons of happiness away from the stress of everyday life. A clip recorded in a beautiful green area and showing the sisters playing, singing and enjoying the little things in life.

When to listen to them? The song gives peace and the recommendation is to play it in those moments when life invites us to stop and breathe in order to continue. Vale’s voices recharge us with energy.

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¡Music our one!

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