The temperature drops by 4 degrees.. Meteorology reveals the weather condition and the date of the breakout of the heat wave

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Meteorology revealed weather condition And temperatures today, Thursday, June 10, and said that the country will witness a rise in temperature on Greater Cairo and the governorates of Lower Egypt, southern Sinai and Upper Egypt, while the weather will be hot on the eastern coast cities, and moderate on the western coasts.

The authority added in a statement that the country will witness pleasant weather during the night hours in Greater Cairo and the Lower Egypt governorates, as well as the northern coastal cities, and mild weather in the south of the country and the Sinai Governorate.

The authority stated that today, Thursday, it is expected that wind activates On areas of Greater Cairo and the cities of the northern coasts and the governorates of southern Upper Egypt at intermittent intervals during the next 24 hours.

Dr. Mahmoud Shaheen, Director of the Meteorological Analysis and Forecasting Unit, revealed an appointment heat wave breakage, He said that tomorrow, Friday, June 11, the end of the heat wave, and that temperatures will return to normal rates in Cairo and the governorates, and the temperature will drop by 4 degrees.

In media statements, Shaheen added that the weather south of Upper Egypt will be hotter than that of Greater Cairo, as temperatures will reach 45 degrees during the heat wave period, calling on citizens to avoid exposure to the sun during daylight hours.

Great Cairo 37 Minor 23 degrees.

Great Alexandria 27 Minor 21 degrees.

Great Tanta 36 Minor 22 degrees.

Shebin El-Kom Great 37 Minor 23 degrees.

Great Damanhour 35 Minor 22 degrees.

Great Matruh 27 Minor 21 degrees.

Great Port Said 31 Minor 22 degrees.

Great Damietta 28 Minor 22 degrees.

Great Zagazig 37 Minor 23 degrees.

Great Mansoura 36 Minor 22 degrees.

Great Ismailia 37 Minor 21 degrees.

Great Suez 37 Minor 22 degrees.

Great Arish 30 Minor 22 degrees.

Great Sharm el-Sheikh 39 Minor 28 degrees.

Great Hurghada 37 Minor 28 degrees.

Great Marsa Alam 36 Minor 27 degrees.

Great Fayoum 37 Minor 24 degrees.

Great Beni Suef 38 Minor 24 degrees.

Great Minya 39 Minya 25 degrees.

Great Asyut 40 Minor 25 degrees.

Great Sohag 41 Minor 26 degrees.

Great Qena 42 Minor 27 degrees.

Luxor Great 43 Minor 27 degrees.

Great Aswan 44 Minor 28 degrees.

New Valley Great 42 Minor 28 degrees.


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