The Temporada Alta moves to the Girona Cup with Cirque Aïtal

The Aïtal Circus has set up a tent on the esplanade of the Girona Cup where will the show be offered ‘Circus season‘ (Circus season) within the programming of high season. These are four functions that the company will offer within the festival in this tent with a capacity of 695 people. Inside, the public will be able to relive the essence of the circus world with different acrobatics and comic situations by the eight artists directed by Victor Cathala i Kati Pikkaren. The aim is for viewers to discover the origins of this artistic discipline and that is why the function takes place inside a tent. The four functions of ‘Saison de cirque’ in the Cup will be the premiere of this show in Spain.

The Temporada Alta festival is once again committed to programming circus performances, this time with the company Cirque Aïtal, which will premiere its latest show on the origins of the circus. ‘Saison de Cirque’ (Circus Season) is the proposal that brings the company led by Victor Cathala and Kati Pikkaren in which they want the public to discover the origins of this discipline without renouncing the modernity of the circus. To return to these origins, the company has toured everything Europe and functions are performed in the circus tent that accompanies them. The idea is to reclaim the concept of circus that people have in their ideology, but which in some cases has been moved to theaters and auditoriums. For one of the show’s directors, Victor Cathala, “the tent smells like a circus” and that’s why it was important to do this show in this space.

Cathala remarked that the circular track of the tent gives “closer” to the public and generates a “more intimate” space. “It’s like we’re at home,” said the acrobat. That is why he has defended that in ‘Saison de Cirque’ they have opted to do all the functions in a tent and not in theaters, as in other shows of the company. With a circular dirt track, the eight artists performing in this show will bring the audience deadly jumps, acrobatics and juggling with the intention of leaving everyone speechless. In addition, the artists will combine flip-flops and flexibility exercises with comic and humorous situations to draw the smile to young and old.

Cathala warns that “there is no argument” behind ‘Saison de Cirque’, only “acrobatics, clowns, risk and emotions.” That is why they point out that this production wants to show the different circus disciplines, with juggling on horses included. “We do not deceive anyone,” said the director of production. ‘Saison de Cirque’ emerged after the tour of the duo Cathala and Pikkaren with ‘For better and for worse‘, who wanted to meet other circus artists and disciplines to bring them all together and form this great family that evokes the traditional circus. “The circus is like a tree that has many branches and roots, we now gather them all in one track,” added Victor Cathala. The Cirque Aïtal marquee will open to the public this Thursday at 8pm and will repeat performances on Friday at 8pm and Saturday and Sunday at 6pm. ‘Saison de Cirque’ is a co – production of Pyrenart, the project with European funds that includes stage productions ofSpain, France i Andorra. The price of each ticket is 25 euros.


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