The ten buildings of the agglomeration that will not leave you indifferent

The buildings that do not leave the people of Nantes indifferent – 20 Minutes

  • In the landscape, we only see these buildings. Massive, too high, not harmonious, failure, etc. are the adjectives which come back to evoke these constructions which in the end have become emblems of our cities.
  • In his series, 20 Minutes is interested in buildings that do not leave you indifferent, that stand out or even that some qualify as “ugly”. Here are those who make Nantes talk.

The castle of the Dukes, the LU tower … Nantes is full of joyful architecture, appreciated by tourists and locals. But the latter do not mince their words when asked about the ugliest buildings in the city. “There is a lack of harmony in the city center, for example Lélé, who responded to our call for testimonies on
our Facebook page. No consistency between the frame and the use made of it! “

Our first category could be called “good luck”. Because among the responses, many Nantes residents have grievances against buildings already chosen to be transformed! The most cited is undoubtedly the Cap 44 building (which will soon be transformed to accommodate the Jules-Verne museum in particular) described by Nelly as a “blue wart”. “This big building is extremely ugly, and it spoils the view of the Loire,” says Matthieu on our Facebook page. In the same vein, the CHU, “so ugly” for Manon, must meanwhile outright move to the island of Nantes. The Brittany tower recently closed for a lifting radical, inside and out. Phew!

Radiant city, Sillon de Bretagne, island of Nantes …

Another building should remain as it is… to the chagrin of Internet users. It is the Radiant City of Corbusier, which emerged in 1955 in Rezé and in many comments. “I love the concept of having a school, stores and apartments in the same building, but it’s not super aesthetic, the colors hurt the eyes a bit,” observes Jean-Marc. Others are more cash : “Filthy”, “yucky”, this “concrete block”, as Kiki designates it, is not unanimous. Just like the courthouse, by architect Jean Nouvel, which has been talked about since its inauguration in 2000… “It’s sad, impersonal, black! », Says Thomas.

Other buildings were cited, probably for their severe look: the Waldeck Rousseau police station (opened in 2008), but also the Sillon de Bretagne, this gigantic building in Saint-Herblain, one of the most famous tenants of which was Jean- Marc Ayrault. More recent, the Carré Feydeau but especially the new housing which pushes on the island of Nantes does not please everyone. “Too bad,” writes Harmonie. This area would have been much better with more airy and green buildings ”.

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