News The Tenerife Symphony Orchestra celebrates its golden wedding with...

The Tenerife Symphony Orchestra celebrates its golden wedding with ‘The ring without words’ at the International Music Festival of the Canary Islands


The Tenerife Symphony Orchestra celebrates its 50th anniversary with a new participation in this 36th edition at the Canary Islands International Music Festival, whose leaders, together with the orchestra, scheduled a special concert: ‘The ring without words’, being during the day today the first time that the Tenerife formation faces this symphonic synthesis of Wagner’s tetralogy of ‘The Ring of the Nibelungo’.

“In 1935 the Canarian Chamber Orchestra was created in Tenerife, which in 1970 is now known as the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra (OST). 50 years ago,” Perdigón recalled. Since the design of the 2020 program began, the FIMC wanted to join the celebrations for this special birthday. “It is a tribute to one of the great orchestras of Spain, with a great international level,” he added.

The orchestra will give its concert at 8:00 pm this Thursday at the Tenerife Auditorium, in which it will be the first participation of the OST in this year’s program of the Festival, and that it will repeat on Friday at Alfredo Kraus de Las Palms of Gran Canaria. “We will have the unique opportunity to listen to this work, one of the most attractive that can be found,” Perdigón continued.

More than a hundred musicians will take the stage of the Adam Martin Symphony Hall to perform one of “the most beautiful works of the last 25 years” added Perdigón, before describing it as “a kind of compilation of the best of tetralogy of Wagner. ” The great orchestras of the world reserve this piece in their repertoires for special dates, including the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonic. The composition involves a great difficulty, since it is a suite that reduces the fifteen hours of music that lasts the original version to an hour and a quarter.

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Maestro Méndez, head conductor of the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, thanked the FIMC – International Music Festival of the Canary Islands – for the opportunity to participate in “a great festival like this.” I congratulate those responsible because anyone who sees the program knows about their huge quality. ” The young director of the OST assured that

The wordless ring
 It is a very special piece “both for me and for the orchestra.” “We wanted to do something like this for this anniversary,” he added.

It happens that Lorin Maazel, who made this symphonic synthesis, was one of Mendez’s mentors in his “last stage as a student.” It was precisely this renowned American director and violinist of French origin who decided in the decade of the eighties to undertake this adaptation on Wagner’s work. His goal, Méndez recalled, was for the composer to reach “many people who, otherwise, could never hear these creations live.”


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