The territory slows the fall in exports due to the push of automotive components

The fall in November was 11.8%, compared to 15.4% in October, thanks to the pull in sales to France, Germany and Belgium

GKN workers from Zumaia with a hybrid engine.
GKN workers from Zumaia with a hybrid engine. / MORQUECHO
Fernando Segura

This has been the decrease in Gipuzkoa’s sales abroad from January to November, compared to 18.5% for the whole of the Basque Country

The sale of automotive components increased compared to November 2019

However, transport equipment fell by 32.8%

Euskadi exports, including those from Gipuzkoa, presented some positive data in November, although it is not possible to launch the bells on the fly, because the balance for 2020, in the absence of December records, will be negative given the brutal impact of the pandemic. In that direction, the reports released yesterday by the Eustat and


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