the testimony of Yanis, victim of the homophobic aggression in Montgeron, upsets Internet users

This Wednesday, October 13, Cyril Hanouna and his columnists wanted to come back to the homophobic aggression of a minor that occurred in Montgeron, in Essonne, on September 30. Yanis, the victim of the assault, came to the TPMP set accompanied by his sister, Amel. The 17-year-old young man gave a strong testimony that upset the entire team of the show and many Internet users.

This Wednesday evening, for the first time, Yanis spoke on television, on the set of TPMP. The young man, aged 17, was the victim of a homophobic attack on September 30 in the “sensitive area” of the La Forêt district, according to the Essonne police. While the teams of “Don’t touch my post!” last night received Nino, big brother of the district, who denied the homophobic nature of this aggression, Yanis and his sister wanted to tell this evening the course and the content of this violence. The young man explained: “I was going out with my best friend from the grocery store. Suddenly, there are a dozen guys who appealed to her first. (…) She did not turn around. Me, I came out right behind her: they told me right away that I was a PD, a gay and all. (…) They first grabbed me from behind, they threw me, they hit me. (…) They came from both sides of the building, they hit my head against the fence, they threw me to the ground, they hit me, they punched me, shots in the head … It was really horrible and all that free. ” Throughout his interview on the set, Yanis also confided that he had suffered numerous assaults throughout his youth, filed a dozen complaints, all of them “Closed”.

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“Your look overwhelmed me Yanis”

The young man, very moved, feared for his life: “I can’t get over it. I find it hard to be myself, I am closed in on myself. I’m lying down all my days, I don’t go out of my house anymore… I’m actually finished. My life is over. ” The story of Yanis deeply moved Cyril Hanouna, all the columnists and many tweeters who showed their full support for the young man.

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