The textbooks thrown by teachers in Clermont-Ferrand were indeed outdated works

These teachers demonstrated Tuesday in Clermont-Ferrand against the pension reform. – Twitter screenshot

  • Tuesday, teachers demonstrated in front of the rectorate of Clermont-Ferrand against the pension reform.
  • They threw textbooks over the grid of the institution.
  • This gesture sparked controversy. The teachers used old textbooks well.

Did teachers throw still usable textbooks over the grids of a
rectorate, Tuesday? This is what some internet users thought they understood from videos posted by the CGT Educ’action 63 (Puy-de-Dôme).

On January 14, teachers met to demonstrate outside the gates of the Clermont-Ferrand rectorate. A pile of school books was placed there. Some of them then grabbed it and threw it over the
rectorate grids. The action was filmed by CGT Educ’action 63.

The images have been taken up by Internet users who are indignant at this gesture. Laurent Alexandre, surgeon, founder of the site and essayist, thus launched on his Twitter account: “To protest against the pension reform, CGT professors screw up textbooks. Then we are surprised that parents prefer private schools. “

In a second widely distributed tweet, a surfer who uses the pseudonym “Iouri Andropov KGB” written in comment of the video: “Unionized CGT teachers who destroy textbooks by throwing them in front of the rectorate. Sad symbol. Are there plans to make these fanatics pay for the destroyed books? “


The textbooks used by the teachers were old school books. “No manual that can be used has been thrown away,” explains to 20 minutes Elena Blond, secretary of the CGT Educ’action de l’Allier and member of the union’s national office. These books “belonged to teachers,” she says. The motto for the protest was to bring “old textbooks,” as the union announced on Twitter.

On published photos by the union and by a
support account “red pens” (teachers who demand better working conditions), we can distinguish
third year SVT manual dating from 2012 or a
History textbook for the L, ES and S terminals which dates from 2008.

The teachers protested Tuesday against the pension reform. Their action flourished: Wednesday and Thursday, in Caen,
in Rennes or
teachers in Lille reproduced this gesture.

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