the thieves leave with… Betsy’s Aixam, “it’s not exactly the dream car to get away from it all”

It was between 4 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday when the neighbors of Jean-Paul and Betsy heard a car start, report our colleagues from Het Nieuwsblad. Individuals stole Betsy’s car but for its owner, “it’s not really the most appropriate getaway car”. Indeed, the Aixam are known to be cars with limited speed.

“This car barely reaches 50 kilometers per hour and you are not allowed to drive on the highway with it”, further specifies its owner. The couple who still own a gray Aixam suspect that the thieves were surprised. “We suspect the authors of having been surprised by burglars. In the neighboring town of Lierd, Deftinge, three young people were allegedly caught in the act. They were able to flee on foot there.”

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