The third-person survival shooting game “Alien: Tactical Squad” releases a new promotional film “Aliens: Fireteam Elite” scheduled to be released in August

The new shooting survival game “Alien” series developed by the game development team Cold Iron StudiosAlien: Tactical Squad(Aliens: Fireteam Elite, the old translation Alien: Task Force)” today released a new promotional video, and announced that the game will be launched on August 24 (Taiwan time on August 25), with immediate pre-orders.

  《Alien: Tactical Squad“Is a multiplayer cooperative third-person shooting survival game with the well-known “Alien” as its world view. Players will work with elite marines to resist the threat of alien creatures. The game story describes that in 2202, a mysterious distress call came and the Marines were reassigned to the alien colony planet LV-895, where there are deadly alien creatures, company secrets, and ancient alien ruins. In the game, players will play the colonial special forces stationed on the American Federal Space Force Endeavour 23 years after the original “Alien” trilogy. You will be the key role to stand up against the terrifying alien threat.

The official said that the game will allow players to explore a new storyline through amazing visual effects, classic enemies, realistic environments, powerful weapons and exciting music. During the exploration process, more than 20 types of enemy aliens will swarm from all corners of the door, vents, ceilings, etc. Players can use more than 30 weapons, 70 accessories, etc. to improve their armed capabilities to counter the threat of aliens.

Players will customize your tactical squad. The game designs five unique units to choose from, including gunners, destroyers, technicians, medics and scouts. Each unit has its own unique abilities and character specialties; use more than 30 types of Weapons and more than 70 kinds of modules/accessories, with a wealth of equipment, strive to annihilate alien threats. The innovative speciality panel can modify and enhance your abilities, and the unique challenge card system can change the offensive method of each combat mission, and you can experience a new game mode every time you play.

  《Alien: Tactical Squad》It is scheduled to be launched on PC, PS4 / PS5, Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S platforms on August 24 (launched on August 25, Taiwan time).


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