the thorny question of the employment of seniors


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Only 56% of 55-64 year olds are active, less than in many European countries. The government is putting forward the idea of ​​a senior index in companies. A gadget for the unions, and a project difficult to accept for the MEDEF.

For five months now, Pierre Monsel, a former executive, has been desperately looking for a job. “When we are 58, even if we want to live longer, our knees, our shoulders, our heart, our brain, they are 58”, he confides. Near Mâcon (Saône-et-Loire), Christophe Joubert-Laurencin is struggling to find a job as a forklift driver. “After a certain age, there are no jobs for people over 55”he explains.

An often high cost for companies

Henri is luckier. Her employer allowed her to change jobs to continue working. A cable fitter by trade, he is now a maintenance worker. “We have different professions, so we can actually move people from one profession to another profession”, explains Jean-Pierre Demaria, CEO of Mécalectro. In fact, few seniors remain active. Between the ages of 60 and 64, only 35% of them work. According to Benoît Serre, vice-president of the National Association of Human Resources Directors (ANDRH), this is partly explained by the often high cost for companies.

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