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The message that Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, chief of staff of the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has posted in the biography of his official X account (formerly Twitter) reads: “I am saddened by the increasingly lower level of Spanish public life ”. His last tweet, from March 14, says: “After the disproportionate attack by the Treasury, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Dog, the vice president, the Transport thief, the PRISA who does not pay taxes in Spain, the Intxaurrondo who charges in B of TVE and the [sic] They remove the program… they can’t kill Díaz Ayuso!! We like fruit!!”; The “Dog” is how the president of the Government is referred to; “Transportation thief” is what he calls Minister Óscar Puente; “la Intxaurrondo” is his derogatory way of addressing a TVE presenter and “the fruit” alludes to the insult of Ayuso, who, from the guest gallery of Congress, last November called Pedro Sánchez a “son of a bitch” – the The Madrid president’s team initially claimed that she had said “I like fruit” and later admitted the truth.

Rodríguez’s threats and tweets show the nervousness in the PP of Madrid after it became known that the partner of the Madrid president, Alberto González Amador, tried to deceive the Tax Agency by claiming alleged expenses based on false invoices and services never provided for save 350,000 euros in the years 2020 and 2021, when their companies increased their income six-fold thanks to mediation in the purchase of masks during the pandemic. At a press conference after the scandal was uncovered, Ayuso declared last Wednesday: “There is no political case here, there is a murky case involving all the powers of the State against an anonymous citizen, an individual to whom they owe almost 600,000 euros.” His partner, however, admitted to the Prosecutor’s Office, through his lawyer, the tax crimes that the Madrid president denied in public. That did not stop Ayuso, who, like the rest of the PP, has criticized the attacks on judicial institutions when they have come from the mouths of the Catalan independentists, from questioning the role of the Prosecutor’s Office when the person under investigation was her boyfriend: “The Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of “Madrid is presided over by a lady who was Director General of the Ministry of Justice under Zapatero,” he tweeted last Tuesday. Alfonso Serrano, general secretary of the PP of Madrid, has defined the state attorney general as “the most sinister in the history of Spain.” As is usual in these cases, the popular have denigrated the journalistic information about the scandal as “leaks”, despite the fact that, when they refer to members of the rival party, they are “investigative journalism.”

Escalation of insults, serious accusations and tension

Without reaching the level of Rodríguez and the threats reported by, the deterioration of public discourse has accelerated in recent weeks due to the stark confrontation between the PSOE and the PP due, respectively, to the scandal affecting Koldo García, former advisor to former socialist minister José Luis Ábalos, and the one who points to Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s partner, Alberto González Amador. On March 5, from its official X account, the PP tweeted: “Message for the corrupt PSOE: it is 1 in the morning. Yolanda Díaz says that it is time to leave the seafood restaurants. You can now go orderly to your trusted brothels. Remember to say hello to the doorman. “Who knows: maybe he will become a Renfe advisor.” Last Tuesday, in the gallery of the Upper House, PP senator Luis Santamaría declared: “What there was was bizums, I read verbatim, to pay for blowjobs or the whore from the other day or for the Tito Berni mediator, taking the opportunity to remember that Ábalos He was his boss. That is the reality behind the commitment to exemplarity of which you [refiriéndose al PSOE] “they showed off.” The Minister of Transport, Óscar Puente, tweeted this Thursday, replying to Isabel Díaz Ayuso: “Execrable is the front man with the right to touch Isabel. She resigns.”

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In the plenary session of Congress last Wednesday, accusations of serious crimes were made that, if true, would only have a place in the courts, such as when the PP spokesperson accused the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, of “destroying evidence”; He accused Sánchez of knowing and covering up the Koldo case about the alleged collection of illegal commissions in the worst of the pandemic, and the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, of being “the kingpin of the corruption plot” and governing “with delinquents, criminals and enemies of Spain.”

Professional associations protect a journalist whom Miguel Ángel Rodríguez insulted and threatened


The Federation of Associations of Journalists of Spain (FAPE) and one of them, that of Madrid (APM), have this Saturday “roundly” condemned the threats sent by Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s chief of staff, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, to a journalist from through WhatsApp, and in which Rodríguez told him: “We are going to crush you. You’re going to have to close. Idiots. “Fuck you.” The journalist who received the message asked him if it was a threat, to which the chief of staff replied: “It’s an advertisement.” Both professional associations consider that Rodríguez’s attitude “constitutes intolerable pressure that restricts freedom of the press and violates the right to truthful information of citizens enshrined in the Constitution.” For this reason, they demand that Rodríguez “rectify within the framework of the relationship of respect that must prevail between politicians and journalists.”

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