The three challenges that still stand in front of Guardiola “the selfish” in City

The Manchester City coach has returned to the Etihad Stadium for two seasons.

If Pep Guardiola’s Mancunian adventure came to an end today, many would consider it a great success. But not him. Despite his two English league titles, his FA Cup and his two League Cups, the Catalan is a perfectionist and would certainly not be satisfied with himself.

Guardiola knows full well that if his path and that of City were to part today, that he will not have answered all the questions put to him. Three of them have haunted him for a few years now. By extending his contract at the Etihad until 2023, he hopes to be able to eliminate any doubt and prove (to himself first of all) that he is still the best coach in the world (…)

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