The three major index shock adjustment agencies said that they can adjust and optimize the portfolio of positions to lay out high-quality growth stocks on dips | thinking market attention_decline

Original title: The three major index shock adjustment agencies said that they can adjust and optimize the position portfolio to lay out high-quality growth stocks on dips | Thinking Market Concern

The three major A-share indexes fell sharply today. The Shanghai Composite Index closed down 2.34% to close at 3467.44 points; the Shenzhen Component Index fell 2.65% to close at 14630.85 points; the ChiNext Index fell 2.84%, and the intraday drop was once more than 5% to close at 3371.23. point. The market volume increased slightly, with a total of 1.42 trillion yuan in transactions between the two cities. The industry sector showed a general downward trend, led by the wine, insurance, and medical sectors, while the non-ferrous metals sector bucked the market and rose. Northbound funds sold 12.802 billion net today.

Shanghai and Shenzhen:In the case that the news and policies were generally empty on the weekend, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets both saw a lower opening today. After the opening, under the drag of the gradual weakening of capital holding stocks led by liquor stocks, the market fluctuated and fell back. It is getting bigger and bigger, and market panic has spread. After the opening in the afternoon, the market’s willingness to sell remained strong. The Shanghai Composite Index dropped to a minimum of 3,424 points. Driven by the admission of funds to protect the market, the market stabilized and rebounded, but in the process of recovery, investors were not enthusiastic about following the trend and entering the market. , The market in the late market is basically a narrow fluctuation trend, and the long and short forces tend to be balanced. At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3467.44 points, down 82.96 points, or 2.34%, with a turnover of 639 billion; the Shenzhen Component Index closed at 14630.85 points, down 397.72 points, or 2.65%, with a turnover of 779.8 billion.On the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the number of gainers was 462, while 35 firms were flat, and 1495 firms were down; the number of gainers in Shenzhen Stock Exchange was 629, while 29 firms were flat, and 1844 firms were down. There are 40 daily limit companies in the two cities, and 27 daily limit companies. The market volume was slightly enlarged, with a total turnover of 1.42 trillion yuan in the two cities, and a net sale of 12.802 billion yuan by northbound funds today.

Judging from today’s market, the sharp drop in liquor stocks has had a greater impact on the market, which has hit investors’ confidence in holding shares. Beverage manufacturing, medical beauty concept stocks, cloud games, biological products, beer stocks, cloud office, super brands, ophthalmology, cellular immunotherapy, medical device services, mobile games, property management, assisted reproduction, communication services, attractions and travel stocks , E-sports, biological vaccines, insurance stocks, online games, automobile stocks, smart medical care, food safety, airport shipping, hotel and catering stocks, intellectual property protection, face recognition, Hongmeng concept stocks, gene sequencing, unmanned retail, chemistry The pharmaceutical and other sectors also experienced large declines and were at the forefront of the sector’s decline list. Although brokerage stocks once rushed to protect the market in the early trading, they failed to continue their strength, and quickly fell back in the afternoon, suppressing the enthusiasm of OTC funds. Soybean stocks, sodium ion batteries, MCU chips, UHV, integrated circuit concept stocks, national defense and military industry, non-ferrous metal stocks, semiconductors and components, photoresist, supercapacitors and other sectors have performed, and are at the forefront of the sector’s gainers. Generally speaking, the stocks in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets are still dominated by declines today.The Shanghai Composite Index closed out a big Yinxian with a long lower shadow that stabilized after a sharply lower opening. The amount of this big Yinxian will continue to increase, and the short side force clearly has the upper hand.

Hong Kong stocks: Hang Seng Index opensPanic intensified, and the Hang Seng Index of Hong Kong stocks continued to fall.The Hang Seng Index continued to weaken in the afternoon. As of the close, it had fallen by more than 1,100 points, or 4.09%, to 26192.32 points; the Hang Seng Technology Index fell 6.57%, the largest intraday drop at 6,790.96 points. Education stocks plummeted again, New Oriental fell 47%, total market value fell below 30 billion Hong Kong dollars, New Oriental Online fell 33%, Si Le Education fell 45%; technology stocks fell collectively, Meituan fell 13.7%, NetEase fell 13.2%, Bilibili Miles fell 11.4%, Tencent fell 7.7%, and Ali fell 6.3%. Catering stocks were among the top decliners, Haidilao fell 16.6%, Xiabuxiabu fell nearly 14%; Property management stocks weakened, Shimao Services fell nearly 20%. Country Garden Services fell 16.6%; pharmaceutical stocks fell collectively, Angel Times fell 17.5%, JD Health fell 17%, Alibaba Health fell 11.5%, WuXi Biologics fell 9.7%; the semiconductor sector rose against the trend, SMIC rose over 10%, Hua Hong Semiconductor rose more than 6%. In terms of individual stocks, Dongyue Group rose nearly 9% and Orient Securities rose 5.6%.

News: 1. The Hang Seng Index Company today launched the Hang Seng New Consumption Index and the Hang Seng Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong New Consumption Index

The Hang Seng Index Company launched the Hang Seng New Consumption Index and the Hang Seng Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong New Consumption Index. The Hang Seng New Consumption Index covers Greater China companies listed in Hong Kong, including Alibaba, Meituan and other companies. The Hang Seng Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong New Consumption Index is a cross-market index. The stock selection range is from A shares listed in Mainland China and Southbound trading stocks that are eligible for southbound trading under the interconnection mechanism.

2. Seven departments: Do not use “the most stringent algorithm” as an assessment requirement for food delivery personnel

Recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation, the State Cyberspace Administration of China, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Commerce, and the All-China Federation of Trade Unions jointly issued the “Guidelines on Implementing the Responsibilities of Online Catering Platforms and Effectively Protecting the Rights and Interests of Food Deliverymen Opinions, which put forward all-round requirements for protecting the legitimate rights and interests of food delivery staff.

3. The Ministry of Finance issued an announcement on improving tax policies related to housing leasing

The Ministry of Finance issued an announcement on the improvement of tax policies related to housing leasing. General VAT taxpayers in housing leasing companies can choose to apply the simplified taxation method for all rental income obtained from renting housing to individuals, and the levy rate of 5% is reduced by 1.5 % Calculate and pay value-added tax, or apply general tax calculation method to calculate and pay value-added tax. Small-scale VAT taxpayers in housing leasing companies rent houses to individuals, and the VAT is calculated and paid at the rate of 5% minus 1.5%.

4. Xiabuxiabu Zhao Yi issued an open letter: requesting the postponement of the extraordinary general meeting and requesting the Stock Exchange to investigate

Zhao Yi issued an open letter to investors of Xiabuxiabu listed companies. Zhao Yi said that she is currently the executive director of Xiabuxiabu. On July 28, Xiabu listed company will convene a special general meeting of shareholders to consider the proposal for the removal of executive directors during the period. She said that since Xiabu listed companies have not fully disclosed the facts of the recall so far, they have the responsibility to inform investors of the relevant circumstances and requests.

5、Dada Group and vivo reached a strategic cooperation with 500 officially authorized experience stores in 13 provinces launched on JD Daojia

Dada Group (DADA.O) announced that it has recently reached a strategic cooperation with mobile phone manufacturer vivo. Based on the two core directions of improving traffic and efficiency, JD Daojia, a subsidiary of Dada Group, will cooperate in-depth with the official vivo authorized experience store in merchandise management, digital marketing, refined user operations, and contract performance optimization, and provide omni-channel solutions. Da Kuaisong will provide immediate performance services for it. At present, more than 500 official vivo authorized experience stores have been launched on JD Daojia, covering more than 100 counties, districts and cities in 13 provinces and regions across the country.

6、Willing Wine Industry: Donated a total of 5.5 million yuan in cash and materials to support flood prevention and disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction

Shede Wines announced that in order to actively fulfill its social responsibility, the company decided to donate a total of RMB 5.5 million in cash and materials (including 3 million in cash) to the Henan Charity Federation to support the flood prevention and disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction work in Henan Province.

7、Mingtai Aluminum: It plans to invest 3.6 billion yuan to build a 700,000-ton secondary aluminum production line and high-performance aluminum project

Mingtai Aluminum: The company actively responds to the country’s call for the development of a circular economy. Based on the existing secondary aluminum production capacity, it plans to invest 3.6 billion yuan to build a 700,000-ton secondary aluminum production line and a high-performance aluminum project. The project will build high-standard recycling The comprehensive utilization of resources production line realizes the efficient utilization and recycling of resources, helps Mingtai Aluminum enter the zero-waste era of efficient recycling of resources, and promotes the low-carbon recycling and high-quality development of the aluminum industry.

8、China Unicom: A total of 478,000 5G base stations have been opened

According to news from China Unicom on July 26, Chen Zhongyue, the general manager of China Unicom, said a few days ago that the company is focusing on strengthening network construction. Adhering to the principle of “promoting utilization by construction, and promoting construction by utilization”, we have further promoted network construction and sharing. A total of 478,000 5G base stations have been opened. The 5G network covers all prefecture-level and above urban areas and core urban areas of developed counties in the country. Through co-construction and sharing, the progress doubled, coverage doubled, bandwidth doubled, and speed doubled. (Securities Times)

Regarding the future trend of the market, Thinking Finance has compiled the views of various institutions for reference.

In the mid-term, Industrial Securities maintains the basic judgment of “the second half of the year is not dangerous, the A-share market is not a bear market, and the market first declines and then rises”. There is no systemic risk in the market as a whole. The cow is in the ascendant. However, in the short term, the A-share market faces the risk of fluctuations in overseas markets, the pains in the process of resolving stock risks in China, and the negative impact of changes in regulatory policies such as education and the Internet. Therefore, in the short term, the market will enter a period of turbulence, science and technology and other early hot spots. The difficulty of making money has increased, and there are even adjustment risks. Investment strategy, it is recommended to take the opportunity to adjust and optimize the portfolio of positions, and to be patient with high-quality growth stocks on dips. It is not recommended to blindly reduce positions because of short-term pessimism.

CICC pointed out that looking forward to the market outlook, although high structural valuations may increase volatility and lead to internal differentiation in growth styles, stable policies and relatively ample liquidity may temporarily increase the market’s tolerance for valuations. Focus on The window period for the Politburo meeting at the end of July. It is still recommended to light index, focus on structure, and lean toward growth. At the same time, some cyclical segments are supported by supply-side logic, and the market may show the characteristics of “growth-oriented, taking into account the cycle”. In the context of lower interest rates, it is recommended to pay attention to REITs and stable high-dividend stocks. 1) Highly prosperous, competitive or growing industrial chains in China: electric vehicle industrial chains, photovoltaics, technological hardware and software, electronic semiconductors, some manufacturing capital goods, etc. The valuation is getting higher and the short-term volatility is increasing, but it may still be positive in the medium term; 2) Pan-consumer industry: In the pan-consumption industry, including daily necessities, light industrial home furnishings, hotel and tourism, home appliances, automobiles and parts, medicine and medical equipment, etc. Select stocks from the bottom up; 3) Gradually reduce the cycle allocation but pay attention to some cycles with favorable structure or structural growth characteristics: non-ferrous metals such as lithium, chemical industry and financial leaders benefiting from the development trend of wealth and asset management. Some stable high-dividend assets or individual stocks are also worthy of attention.

Guotai Junan Securities pointed out that the implementation of the “double reduction” opinion once again clarified the policy tone of “strict management and comprehensive regulation” for off-campus training in the compulsory education stage. With the comprehensive advancement of the “double reduction” work in the compulsory education phase, local governance implementation rules are expected to be released in succession, and subject education and training institutions will gradually transform into quality education and vocational education such as sports, culture and art. Avoid the training sector in the short-term and pay attention to the oversold opportunities in the vocational education and higher education sectors.Return to Sohu to see more


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