The Three-Way Affair. Kuba Strzyczkowski wanted to apologize to Marek Niedźwiecki. The board refused to publish

  • Kuba Strzyczkowski posted a statement on Facebook Radio Three, in which he informs that the board of Polish Radio refused to publish his apology
  • The new radio director informed the Program Office and Board about this program. Currently waiting for decision
  • Marek Niedźwiecki left the Radio Three after the station’s authorities canceled 1998. listing of “Charts”
  • The journalist demanded an apology from the former director and head of the entire Polish Radio

The new director of the Radio Three: by the decision of the Management Board, no apology was placed

The new director of Radio Troika posted a special Facebook statement on Radio Troika in which he reveals that he wanted to apologize to Marek Niedźwiecki, but the board of the Polish Radio refused to publish and wants to assert their case before the court.

“In connection with your comments, I inform you that I asked to post my apology for Marek Niedźwiecki on the Trójka website. The decision of the Management Board did not put an apology. The management believes that he did not offend Mr. Marek and wants to assert his case before the court. I proposed to director Rogalski to resign. He does not participate in the works of the Troika Team because the team cannot imagine this cooperation due to the defamation of Niedźwiecki, “wrote Strzyczkowski.

“I do not like the participation of editor Cejrowski in the election campaign. I informed the Program Office and the Board about the problem. I am waiting for a reaction. Despite the difficulties, stay with us,” he added.

Let’s remind: Marek Niedźwiecki left the Radio Three after the station’s authorities canceled 1998. “Charts”, in which the song Kazik came first “Your pain is better than mine”. The station management accused Niedźwiecki at that time manipulation of the charts. Despite numerous protests or an open letter from the journalist’s editorial colleagues to the president of the PR, Agnieszka Kamińska, there was no apology.

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Niedźwiecki sues Polish Radio

In reply, Niedźwiecki submitted a pre-trial appeal to the authorities of Polish Radio and TVPin which he demanded an apology on the air of the Three and the transfer of money to foundations supporting the Polish health service.

Niedźwiecki apologized to the new director of the Three, Kuba Strzyczkowski, but the journalist demanded an apology from the former director and the head of the entire Polish Radio – but he did not wait for repentance, so filed a lawsuit against them.

In mid-June, Niedźwiecki took the floor for the first time since the scandal in the Three. “Is it possible to tear down something that gave so many listeners joy for many years in one day? Now I know that it is so …” The pyramid of fear “worked first, and then the” pyramid of stupidity “. Hide the record so that the president does not find out , which comes first. Then stir so that the Presenter and Assistants are to blame. And thirty-eight years of work went “- he wrote in your blog post.

Niedźwiecki: the radio is dreaming

In a post published on July 9, Niedźwiecki wrote: “Radio is dreaming, though I don’t think about it all the time. It’s a pity that I didn’t play Tonality today, because I would start it with a new song by Peter Cincotti.” Heart Of The City “, it will be one from news on my list “.

“How good that there is music. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to it with such pleasure before. Have you heard Bob Dylan’s new album? Masterly. He debuted in Billboard in 2nd place. This is good news because it means that Humanity still wants to listen to real music … And let’s stick to it! ” – c in the entry.

Despite Strzyczkowski’s announcement, Niedźwiecki did not return to the Trójka antenna. The journalist also did not join Radio Nowy Świat, which began broadcasting on July 10. The first broadcast was hosted by Wojciech Mann, then Marcin Nogaś took over the microphone. – This is not the old Three, this is not the new Three, this is Radio Nowy Świat – was one of Mann’s first sentences on the air.

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