the tide “with street” that the Constituent Assembly seeks to take over


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Some registered as independents and others signed on behalf of a political party, but all have something in common: their role in the social and union leadership. Luis Mesina, María Angélica Tepper, Karina Nohales, Rodrigo Álvarez and Bárbara Figueroa, they are part of those who seek to obtain a quota to write the Magna Carta.

The list starts with Jorge Lawrence, lawyer and former president of the Coordinator of Private and Subsidized Schools of the North (Copanor). The leader is running as an independent candidate with an RN quota for District 3.

Maria Ines Figari competes for district 5, belonging to the north of the country in the Coquimbo region. The businesswoman was the first woman to be elected as president of the Northern Agricultural Society, which groups businessmen in the field. He is independent and is nominated by RN in the Vamos por Chile pact.

In district 7 belonging to the fifth region, Tania Córdova competes, who is a pro-life activist and chairs the Women, Children and Community Corporation that defends the unborn child, early childhood and vulnerable pregnant women. The sociologist who postulates a “pro-life feminism”, competes for RN in the official pact and affirms that “for me it is important to guarantee true forms of participation and that women can have the spaces we deserve”.

The stage in MRI

District 8 is one of those that involves the largest number of voters nationwide. Composed of the communes of Cerrillos, Colina, Estación Central, Lampa, Maipú, Pudahuel, Quilicura and Tiltil, it groups sectors in which national leaders will compete such as Mario Aguilar, former president of the Teachers College, who currently chairs the Metropolitan regional and seeks to obtain a quota. “All this constituent process was raised by citizenship and the social world, it was not raised by the political world,” he said.

The representative is part of the Independents and Social Movements list of the Approval, as well as Natalie Arriagada, participant and former spokesperson of the Dignified Housing Population Movement. The leader affirms that “it is very important that women who organize themselves and even have a third working day can dispute spaces in the institutions that allow them to build a political process that can guarantee social rights.”

Another candidacy for the same area is that of Doris González, historical leader and spokesperson of the Ukamau Settlers Movement. The last achievement of the organization was to get the construction of the La Maestranza neighborhood in Central Station. González appears on the Dignity Approve List in the Communes Party quota.

The president of the Starbucks Union and spokesman for the Union Front Line -which brings together more than 35 unions nationwide- Andrés Giordano, is also part of the candidates for district 8 and is running as an independent in the Green Regionalist Federation party quota Social (FRVS) on the I Approve Dignity list. For the leader of the Convention “our role will be to raise the volume to the voice of those who for years have mobilized asking for the need for a leading State, truly democratic, equal, multinational, capable of guaranteeing social rights.”

For District 9, one of the candidates is Catalina Bosch, leader of the National Coordinator of Migrants that groups 74 organizations throughout the country. The Chilean psychologist and nationalized Cuban goes through the list of Plurinational and Independent Social Movements and seeks to obtain a quota to represent the communities of Cerro Navia, Conchalí, Huechuraba, Independencia, Lo Prado, Quinta Normal, Recoleta and Renca.

Luz Vidal Huiriqueo it also aspires to represent this area. The Mapuche woman and leader has been president of the Union of Workers of Casa Particular (Sintracap) since 2019 and goes as an independent with a RD quota on the Approve Dignity list. Vidal assures that his time in the leadership allows him to understand the current problems from the first source: “What is it that I can capture? What I know. The need that we have by law, for the State to guarantee certain rights for citizens ”.

Gloria Pinto She is a paramedic and was a spokesperson for the San José Hospital officials. She is presented as an independent candidate for the People’s List to district 9. “As a public health worker, my main banner of struggle is for a single health system and at the service of the people.”

District 10 is made up of La Granja, Macul, Ñuñoa, Providencia, San Joaquín and Santiago. He is one of the most coveted and candidates for different social leaderships, such as Luis Messina of No + AFP, they will compete to achieve a quota for their representation.

Messina is 65 years old and is a spokesperson for the Coordinadora No + AFP. His candidacy is part of the Social Movements: Independent Unity list. “We have a significant number of issues that we consider essential to install in the constitutional debate, especially when various sectors are heard demanding to build a rule of law, and therefore, I believe that those of us who come from the social movement are representatives of that sentiment”, He says.

On the other hand, it is Andrea Gutierrez, actress and former president of the Actors Union (SIDARTE), who today aspires to reach a quota for the Convention on behalf of the Network of Chilean Actresses. Like Messina, it is also on the Social Movements: Independent Unity list.

The 8M Coordinator will also look for a space in district 10 and for that they opted for the candidacy of Karina Nohales, a labor lawyer and spokesperson for the organization: “The main struggle within the CC will be to place our lives – those of girls, women and dissidents. – as an unavoidable political problem that can only be portrayed from our own voice, which is a collective and non-delegable voice ”.

Those who also aspire to this area are Pía Meza and Francisca Fernández, both from the Independent list and Social Movements of the Approval.

Meza is a candidate for the Constituent Territory, a group that emerged from the assemblies and councils organized in the district’s communes. On the other hand, the anthropologist Francisca Fernández is supported by the Movement for Water and Territories.

In district 11, belonging to the eastern sector of the capital that groups the communes of La Reina, Las Condes, Lo Barnechea, Peñalolén, Vitacura, is the leader María Soledad Mella, who for more than 20 years has dedicated herself to recycling and, currently, is president of the National Association of Waste Pickers of Chile. Born in the town of Lo Hermida de Peñalolén, Mella is presented as an independent within the People’s List.

The leader of the Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (CUT), Bárbara Figueroa will occupy a quota of the CP of the Approve Dignity list in district 12 made up of the communes of La Florida, La Pintana, Pirque, Puente Alto and San José de Maipo.

Juan Moreno, president of the Walmart Union, which represents more than 16 thousand members, will go through the electoral district No. 14. “One of the important aspects of my contribution within my candidacy if I am elected as a constituent, is to generate a new pact from work ”.

The names in the southern zone

In district 23, belonging to the southern part of the country, is the union leader María Angélica Tepper, who has led the Temuco Chamber of Commerce and the Multigremial Araucanía. It is independent and goes for the RN quota to represent the communes of Temuco, Padre Las Casas, Villarrica, Toltén, among others.

Alejo Apraiz, carrier and president of the Association of Victims of Rural Violence (Avvru), is another candidate to represent the 23rd district. The businessman who goes for a quota in Evópoli is also the national director of the National Confederation of Freight Transportation of Chile (CNTC). “What I see is that the country requires new faces, people who have social sense and who have work for a social motivation.”

For the 25th district, a leader linked to the fight for the defense of ecosystems, María Inés Barrera, is a candidate. She is part of the Movement for the Defense of Water, Land and the Protection of the Environment (Modatima) and seeks to represent communes such as Fresia, Los Muermos, Osorno, Puerto Octay, Puyehue, among others, in the Constitutional Convention on the Approve Dignity list. in the quota of the Common Party.

Who also seeks to represent the southern area, but for the 26th district, is Samuel Gálvez, former president of the Association of Independent Pharmacies of Chile.

In the 28th district, the last in the country, the union leader Rodrigo Álvarez, president of Alimentos y Bebidas de Chile AG (AB Chile), an association that incorporates more than 20 companies linked to the area, appears. In the Let’s Go for Chile pact, the representative of Antarctica, Cape Horn, Punta Arenas and other communes in the extreme south are represented.

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