The Time of Giacometti: A Unique Exhibition at Les Abattoirs

2023-09-19 18:02:02

Par Gabriel Kennedy
Published on 19 Sep 23 at 8:02 p.m. See my news Follow News Toulouse Les Abattoirs are hosting a new, unique exhibition with “The Time of Giacometti”, to be seen from Friday September 22, 2023. (©Boris Conte / Les Abattoirs)

After an exhibition dedicated to “Niki de Saint-Phalle” which brought together 163,007 spectators, a record, the Slaughterhouses present their new flagship exhibition, entitled “The time of Giacometti (1946-1966)”, to be seen from September 22, 2023 to January 21, 2024. What masterpieces will we be able to see? What are the prices ? Here is the article to read to find out everything about the back-to-school event exhibition!

What is this exhibition?

Alberto Giacometti in his Montparnasse studio in Paris, photographed by his wife Annette. Giacometti Foundation Archives. (©Alberto Giacometti Estate (Giacometti Foundation, Paris + ADAGP, Paris) 2019)

This exhibition is dedicated to the immense Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966). Co-organized with the Giacometti Foundation, the exhibition explores in an unprecedented way the art and life of the artist in the post-war context, until his death in 1966.

“Mixing masterpieces, sculpturespaintings, engravings, photographs and also archivesit will take the public into these broader 1950s, essential for understanding the artistic and intellectual changes of the post-war period,” announces the Musée des Abattoirs.

A hundred works to discover

“The Time of Giacometti (1946 – 1966)” occupies all of the exhibition rooms on the ground floor as well as the Picasso room.

This exhibition visible at the Musée des Abattoirs brings together a hundred works some of which have remained particularly famous, such as Le Chariot (1945), The cage (1950), The man who walks (1960), and a Big woman (1960). But we could cite many others! A remarkable set of paintings is also to be discovered from September 22.

Three masterpieces (including The Walking Man)

In the nave of the Abattoirs dialogue three masterpieces by Giacometti dating from 1960: Walking Man II, Big woman I et Big head. Created during his period surrealistthe tapered shape in action of the man who walks became the artist’s most recognized work in the post-war period.

“This sculpture seems to give substance to an entire era: that of the post-Second World War period, confronted with disappearances as well as reconstruction and the search for a new humanism,” underlines the Musée des Abattoirs.

Videos: currently on Actu Alberto Giacometti
The Walking Man II, 1960 Plaster – 188.5 x 29.1 x 111.2 cm
Fondation Giacometti (©Succession Alberto Giacometti Adagp, Paris 2023) Grande Femme I, Fondation Giacometti (© Succession Alberto Giacometti / Adagp, Paris 2023) Alberto Giacometti. Grrande tête, 1960 Plâtre peint, 100.5 x 31.7 x 43.1 cm; Fondation Giacometti (© Succession Alberto Giacometti / Adagp, Paris 2023)

An emblematic artist of the 20th century

Alberto Giacometti. Le Chat (1951), Fondation Giacometti (© Succession Alberto Giacometti / Adagp, Paris 2023)

During the course, you will also come across Cata sculpted portrait of Simone de Beauvoiror a table titled Caroline in tears and many other masterpieces created by the Swiss artist.

For the curators of this exhibition, Emilie Bouvard and Annabelle Ténèze, the selected works allow us to “paint a vast fresco of the artist as an actor in the post-war world, through his creations, his links with the intellectual world and artistic, its exhibitions and its writings”.

A great opportunity for visitors to observe the unique journey of this Swiss sculptor, iconic artist of the XXth century.

“In the 1920s, he absorbed the end of the Cubist movement, then embodies the surrealist sculptor par excellence. On the other hand, after the war, while abstractions triumphed on both sides of the Atlantic, he affirmed a choice which is unique to him and to a few others: that of figuration.”

The Slaughterhouses

In the footsteps of the walking man

At the end of the exhibition, a contemporary section provokes meetings between Giacometti and today’s artists around the survival of the figure of “the Walking Man”, questioning its downfalls and its current hopes. Exciting !

The Abattoirs Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. (late night on Thursday evening until 8 p.m., outside school holidays Zone C). Prices: Full price: €7 / Reduced price: €5 / €3 on Thursday during Thursday nights from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Free for children aged 0 to 12, job seekers or Toulouse Tourism Pass holders. More info on website Slaughterhouses.

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