The toilet paper is running out: Are you hamstering again? Leave the nonsense! – Berlin

The number of infections is rising again, bad enough. But, and that’s the good news, in many areas science and politics now have more precise ideas of what needs to be done to get the situation under control.

There just seems to be no answer to one question: How on earth do you get the incorrigible hamster buyers not to lose self-control when shopping for toilet paper and to leave a few packages for the others? Fortunately, this is not Christian Drosten’s department, otherwise he would certainly not have received the Federal Cross of Merit.

To say it with Roland Kaiser: I think it’s starting again. The toilet paper in Lidl am Kleistpark is said to have been out of stock at the weekend, as well as in a Rossmann branch in Marzahn, colleagues report.

Another colleague said there was still enough around the corner from her. I won’t reveal where that is – the madness has to be stopped! We really have more pressing concerns. And at this point, too, would be another topic, something funny with animals, for example, but much nicer.

So once and for all: The toilet paper production and its delivery to German supermarkets as well as their store opening were at no point in the pandemic and very, very likely never will be.

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Should the case arise anyway, missing toilet paper will be our smallest problem. And if you instead sit on a mountain of toilet paper, you will find that a virus will not be impressed by it. The stuff isn’t even good for a mask.

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