The tone rises between Egbert Lachaert and Theo Francken on Twitter: “At N-VA, it’s in your DNA to humiliate others”

climate has been more than freezing for several weeks between the Open Vld and the N-VA. The two partners in the Flemish government saw their relations deteriorate following the formation of the Vivaldi coalition at the federal level. Since the nationalists were officially relegated to the opposition, Bart De Wever and Egbert Lachaert have reportedly not spoken to each other. The president of the N-VA thus criticized his liberal counterpart for having dropped too quickly a PS-N-VA alliance, in favor of a coalition which excluded its formation. If the president of the Open Vld attempted an opening this Sunday in
The Sunday inviting the leader of the nationalists to “have a coffee”, it seems that the situation is not going to improve anytime soon. Indeed, the tone rose this Tuesday, November 17 between Egbert Lachaert and Theo Francken, following a tweet from the Flemish nationalist.

In reaction to
Announcement of Engie which is putting an end to all its projects related to the extension of nuclear power, the mayor of Lubbeek took up a press article from March in which were detailed the campaign promises of Egbert Lachaert, candidate for the presidency of the Open Vld. We can thus read concerning nuclear power that the one who has since been at the head of the Flemish Liberal Party did not wish to leave it and on the contrary wanted to extend Tihange 3 and Doel 4. “We cannot do worse”, was satisfied with commenting on the Flemish nationalist, pointing out the difference in speech with that now advocated by the government of which the Open Vld is part.

The pike of Theo Francken obviously did not please the president of the Open Vld, who immediately answered him. “This is called forming a coalition, Theo. By making concessions. With respect and trust. The coalition system does not take the form of a dictatorship of one party that commands the others,” he said. retorted Mr. Lachaert on Twitter. But in the N-VA, we don’t think like that. Humiliating others is part of the party’s DNA. This is why you failed in the formation (of a government, editor’s note .). ”

These last statements made cringe of the burgomaster of Lubbeek, who underlined the fact that the N-VA had indeed succeeded in forming a government in Flanders. He also refuted any intention of humiliation in his initial tweet. “Confronting someone with their previous speeches and campaign pledges has nothing to do with humiliation,” Francken wrote on the social network to the blue bird. That’s what we call the opposition, Egbert. I know that was 20 years ago for you, but still. ”

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