The torments of love of Gloria Lasso, “the man-eater”

Rosa Vicenta Montserrat Coscolin Figueras made a whole part of post-war France sing by cooing love tunes from Spain. In addition to her hits – “Love, castanets and tango”, “Venus”, “Valentino” -, Gloria Lasso, her stage name, will also have enchanted France with her many love stories. In 1992, the artist, who died in 2005, spoke to Thierry Ardisson in Double-dealing program available on the INA ArdiTube channel – his many weddings – new on the clock!

Everything could have been different if Gloria Lasso’s first love of youth had not died during the war in Spain. After that, the Iberian singer will wear down the men. “I am faithful,” she said. I leave my husbands when it doesn’t work. I find it dishonest to stay with a man when you don’t love him anymore or when he doesn’t love you anymore. A philosophy of life which will be worth a solid reputation to Gloria Lasso. The artist who said “Yes before God” said “no” a lot after a few months of marriage. Assuming her side “munchies men”, she looks back shamelessly on all her experiences.

Wonderful. He is a leader. He made love well. I regret…

The first, Guillermo? “That one, we forget. I am sick of it just remembering it. With him, I had three accidents – which I love, ”laughs the singer, talking about her children. What does she think of the second, Maurice? ” Oh no ! I never married him. He was already married, but I didn’t know it. I knew it because I found a little message from his wife in the jacket. The third, Claude, will be discovered in bed with a boy… The fourth, Jean? “We leave him. He was an angel … and since then he has had Pierrette Le Pen pose in Playboy. The fifth, Ernesto? “Wonderful. He is a leader. He made love well. I regret… “

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Daniel, the sixth, a lawyer, receives a laconic judgment: “He was an asshole. “The seventh was a toreador who kept his trophies at home … The eighth, Nicolas, 24, guilty of an unfortunate sentence:” We were having fun. One day he told me that he wanted children. And so… ”Finally, the ninth, Salvador, from Mexico. “French women found him wonderful. One day, a woman calls me: I am calling you because I am very unhappy. I’m Salvador’s friend, I wanted to know if you were going to get a divorce. I told him : You seem to like it a lot, I give it to you. He came home that evening, found some luggage at the door and asked if I was going on vacation. I answered him : No it’s you. »« Don’t be angry »,« that is love », as the facetious Gloria sang…

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