The total of Bueng Kan COVID-19 rises to more than 300 cases per day, suggesting the people to speed up the vaccination booster.

On December 8, Dr. Pamorn Darun, a public health physician in Bueng Kan Province Announcement of the epidemic situation of the corona virus-2019 of Bueng Kan Province that when entering winter since November The number of people infected with COVID-19 is likely to increase as the virus becomes more widespread in winter. Overview of the province have the number of infected Average of 200-230 cases per week, average of 30 cases per day (including RT-PCR and ATK examination). The number of infected people has increased to more than 300 per week, the latest is 331, an average of about 40 per day, and will tend to increase according to the forecast of the Ministry of Public Health.

So during this So ask all people go get the booster vaccine To increase the body’s immunity and prevent COVID-19 The epidemic is increasing in the winter of this year. Particularly, the 608 group is the elderly aged over 60 years, 7 groups of patients with chronic diseases. This group is still a high-risk group. If you are infected with COVID may cause severe illness or to the point of death including the general public If the last dose of vaccine has been received more than 3 months ago, go for the booster vaccine. which can go to get vaccination service at All public health hospitals

Currently, the overview of the booster vaccination in Bueng Kan Province province Only 17% of the population can be injected, which is still relatively small. For the 608 group, they should receive the booster vaccine as early as 1 month before the New Year. because usually during the New Year There are usually many offspring. to return from Bangkok or from major cities to visit home visiting the elderly Patients with chronic illnesses at home will have a higher risk of infection. because the government has relaxed activities There will probably be quite a lot of partying during the New Year.

Data on deaths of people infected with COVID-19 in Bueng Kan Province Information from November 1, 2022 onwards, 2 deaths, a group of 608, are elderly and have congenital disease. Therefore, we must emphasize and invite the 608 group to receive the booster vaccine as much as possible and as soon as possible before the New Year’s festival.

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