The Toyota C + Pod, electric and urban, for 12,000 euros

Historically in Japan, very small cars have always triumphed, with just enough space to accommodate two occupants, very compact in size and agile to move easily through large Japanese cities such as Tokyo, Nagoya or Kyoto, to name three examples. . These small vehicles, called kei cars, have made a place in the collective imagination of the country and are one of the most curious specifics of the country of the rising sun.


Toyota wanted to create one kei car electric and affordable called C + Pod, a two-occupant vehicle that is only 2.49 meters long and 1.29 wide, weighs only 670 kilos and has an amazing turning radius: only 3.9 meters.

Interior Toyota C + Pod

The fact that it is such a small and light vehicle allows the Toyota C + Pod to move with a small electric motor of 12.5 hp and 56 Nm of torque associated with 9.06 kWh lithium batteries, which allow it reach a range of about 150 kilometers and get a top speed of 60 km / h, more than enough to move around the city.

Toyota C + Pod

This little one kei car electric can be charged in a 200V plug in about 5 hours, and at a point of 100V in about 6 hours, and is already on sale in Japan at a price of about 12,000 euros (the most equipped versions can cost 13,500 euros at the current exchange rate), which makes it a very competitive alternative for urban transport.

Although Toyota does not currently plan to market this small urban vehicle outside of Japan, some media outlets point out that it could serve as a basis for future electric-cut electric models in major Western cities.


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