The transfer of leader Adel Imam to the hospital causes panic and ignites the communication sites.. and his brother reveals the details

The pioneers of social networking sites circulated news about the deterioration of the health of the leader, Adel Imam, and his entry into a Cairo hospital, after suffering a severe health problem and feeling sudden fatigue, which raised the concern and shock of his fans and fans wondering about the truth of the matter.

Soon, his brother, producer Issam Imam, broke his silence to resolve the controversy surrounding him receiving treatment in a hospital, stressing that he is in his home in good health, and does not suffer from any health defect, during his statements on the “ET in Arabic” program.

Adel Imam’s brother-in-law commented, “A man does not know what to say to people. One is the happiest of millions and they wish for death. Why do I not know why?” Value and stature in our country, we promote unpleasant things about him, and we only say God suffices me and He is the best agent.”

Leader Adel Emam topped the list of the most searched contents on the global search index, Google and various social networking sites during the recent period,

After some circulated a picture of him, noting that it was from his latest appearance, which was published by the official page bearing his name on the most famous social networking site “Facebook”.

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