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Customer-centric digital banking; development and attraction of human talent; and actions for the planet and interest groups, are some of the pillars that have consolidated the Bank of Bogota as one of the most important entities in the country.

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The bank, which was born in November 1870 and celebrates 150 years of history, marked the beginning of private banking in the country and today with its subsidiaries they have more than 19,000,000 clients, 46,000 collaborators and a presence in 11 countries.

In addition, it is the second largest bank in Colombia, measured by asset size, and the Colombian bank with the largest international presence, through its subsidiary BAC Credomatic, which is also the largest bank in Central America.

“We are proud to have contributed substantially to the development of the country during the last 150 years. We will continue to strengthen our sustainability strategy to improve people’s quality of life, support the development of the regions and protect the environment, ”assured Alejandro Figueroa, president of Banco de Bogotá.

Alejandro Figueroa, president of Banco de Bogotá

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Along these lines, Julio Rojas Sarmiento, Executive Vice President of the Bank pointed out that “when thinking about our 150th birthday, what excites me the most is dreaming how we can continue to contribute to the progress of Colombia and Central America in the next 150 years. We feel very fortunate to have the best human talent that is focused every day on developing new and better innovative solutions for our clients ”.

In what has to do with digital banking, the entity during this time became pioneer in Colombia in the sale of 100% digital financial products: today two out of every three of the new products sold are digital.

Julio Rojas Sarmiento, Executive Vice President of Banco de Bogotá

Julio Rojas Sarmiento, Executive Vice President of Banco de Bogotá

Likewise, to complement the offer of digital products, the bank designed an omnichannel model that guarantees that customers have the best digital experience in all its channels. Thus, bank branches, which are very valuable to Colombians for face-to-face advice, have technology to make it faster, paperless, and with less waiting time.

In addition, it redesigned processes and spaces to make the offices more friendly, with free Wi-Fi zones, coffee and common work spaces. This year there will be 30 offices renovated and in 2021 an accelerated plan will be developed to reach more regions with this new digital office format.

While in developing and attracting human talent, the heart of the bank’s transformation strategy is based on an internal change through the adoption of a culture that allows it to attract and retain the best team, where agility, hard work prevail. collaborative and a constant learning mindset.

“Today we live a new culture that allows us to attract and develop the best human talent, we permanently generate new opportunities for personal and professional growth, and we promote innovative actions for their well-being, in line with what the new generations expect. In the bank there is an atmosphere where we all feel at home and proud to see the contributions we make to society, ”said Alejandro Figueroa.

Environmental vision

On the other hand, the bank has assumed an active role in mitigating climate change with actions such as: the creation of the “Banco de Bogotá Forest” where 30 thousand trees have been planted in the El Encenillo reserve, the reforestation of the Amazon in alliance with Saving the Amazon, the Grupo Río Alliance to promote the recovery of the Bogotá River, the development of renewable energy infrastructure, the creation of sustainable parking lots to encourage alternative transportation methods in employees and citizens, as well as the creation of the line of sustainable development credit and the placement of green bonds, for the mobilization of funds that have an environmental impact.

In generating social value, the bank in Alliance with UNICEF works on projects to meet the education, nutrition and health needs of children in different territories such as Chocó, Amazonía and Guajira. For this, it created the first Unicef ​​Debit Card in the world, customers who request it donate 1% of their purchases to causes in favor of Colombian children, and the Bank donates another 1%, the card has no cost.

We feel that we are on the right track to continue fulfilling our maximum objective: to support the progress and well-being of our clients and stakeholders for the next 150 years

Advances in sustainability management allowed it to advance 35 positions in 2020 in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the main index for measuring sustainability at a global level.

In addition, to accompany entrepreneurs to protect jobs in the midst of the situation due to the coronavirus, the bank presented a new line of credit with the support of the National Guarantee Fund for the payment of payroll with which it has disbursed more than $ 2 billion with preferential rates, becoming 60% of the total resources disbursed in the payroll line of the United for Colombia Program.

While, to contribute to the recovery of SMEs, it leads a specialized consulting program to help them overcome the situation, and to contribute to the stability of micro-enterprises, the biosecurity elements destined to the care of their employees and clients throughout the world. country, buys them from Colombian manufacturers.

Digital strengths allowed him to be prepared to respond quickly and efficiently.

To promote banking and mitigate the risks of contagion to pensioners, he opened savings accounts with a debit card for more than 67 thousand Colombians so that they could receive the money from the pension allowance without having to go to an office

These and other actions were recognized by the prestigious financial magazine Global Finance, which awarded Banco de Bogotá, as the only Colombian bank within the financial institutions and corporations evaluated worldwide in the category “Outstanding Leadership in the crisis”.


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