world The trap of the band of the four "frugal"...

The trap of the band of the four “frugal” of the EU


The Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and Sweden, the toughest trading partners, are among the most benefited by the single market

“It is not a zero-sum game in which to win some they have to lose others,” European diplomatic sources say about the tough battle that the EU is facing between net taxpayers – those who contribute more than those who receive –And, therefore, ask for compensation, and those who are in the opposite situation. Given the intransigence shown by the former – the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Austria -, the European Commission tries to explain that, when assessing pros and cons, you cannot measure only the positive or negative balance in relation to aid regional and common agricultural policy, no matter how much they represent 70% of the pie.

As a way to energize the debate, the European Chamber has presented a press dossier, with data from the Community Executive, in which the countries that benefit most from the common market appear and, surprisingly or perhaps not so much, the four “frugal” aurodenominates do not They go wrong. Although the ranking is led by Luxembourg (12,500 euros per person and year) followed by Ireland and Belgium, the inflexible The Netherlands is in fourth place, near the podium, with about 5,000 euros per city and year, followed by Austria and Denmark, and Sweden is the eighth country.

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Germany, the largest contributor and with a strongly exporting economy that benefits from the wealth of others, is in eleventh place, above the European average. So, Net taxpayers are the most benefited from having a club to sell their products to.

In the last part of the table are Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. Spain is below the European average as the ninth country in the lower part of the ranking, around 2,000 euros per person per year. Overall, 56 million jobs depend on intra-European trade and 3.6 million jobs have been created from 1990 to 2015.

To this are added the items of the financial framework whose impact in both countries cannot be quantified a priori and that depend on numerous variables. Within this chapter, funds for R&D programs would be found and benefit both the private and public sectors or efforts to combat illegal immigration.



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