The trial for inciting racial hatred against Cécile Djunga, presenter at RTBF, postponed to March

The magistrate briefly asked the defendant a few questions and concluded that he did not seem able to defend himself on his own. He asked that, in application of article 758 paragraph 2 of the judicial code, the chairman be requested in order to appoint a lawyer to defend him.

AV is being prosecuted for inciting racial hatred after making racist and threatening comments, commenting on a video of Cécile Djunga posted on the Youtube platform in September 2018.

The defendant, originally from Hainaut, said on Tuesday that he knew what he was accused of, that he did not dispute the facts, but that he regretted “that we do not have, in Belgium, the freedom to say what we think, like in the United States ”.

He added: “I’m not saying what I wrote was good, but I thought it was,” adding that he had not stopped writing comments on the web. “We will see each other again”, he told the president, “justice is not really up to date”.

Cécile Djunga, RTBF and Unia, a public body fighting against discrimination and promoting equal opportunities, joined as a civil party in this lawsuit.


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