The Trident of Paris!Neymar takes a photo with Messim Bappé and smiles

Original title: Paris Trident!Neymar took a photo with Messim Bappé with smiles

In the second round of the 2021-22 UEFA Champions League group stage, Paris defeated Manchester City 2-0 at home, completing the revenge of the Blue Moon. In this game, Messi got his first goal after joining Paris, and his goal came from Mbappe’s assist. After the goal, Messi also happily pointed to Mbappe, which seemed to be Remind the fans to applaud the assisted Mbappé.

After the game, Neymar posted a photo of the “NMM” group naked upper body in the locker room on personal social media, with three fire expressions.

Earlier, rumors about the “NMM” combination discord came one after another. There were even media reports that in the last round of Ligue 1 Mbappé was replaced and sat on the bench and complained to his teammates that Neymar didn’t pass the ball to him. The media also said that Mbappe did not want to play with Messi. He decided to leave the team at the winter window and join La Liga giants Real Madrid. Today, Mbappe has provided an assist for Messi on the court. The three people are cooperating better and better on the court, and the private relationship looks good. It seems that fans will have the opportunity to see the “NMM” combination explode to greater power on the court.Return to Sohu to see more


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