The triumph of the seamstresses of Indiscrète, the lingerie brand made in France

“We have 39 employees against twenty in 2018. And we still have to hire two or three people,” calculates Michel Gouzon, the CEO and majority shareholder of Indiscrète, a fine lingerie brand hand-sewn and made in France. The order books of this company located in Chauvigny (Vienne) are overflowing for the months to come. Just like the enthusiasm of its two other leaders: “Nothing is won, we remain vigilant. But we have never had such a clear horizon since the creation of Indiscrète ”, assure Christelle Bois and Béatrice Mongella.

It is because the young company created in 2010 by ex-executives of Aubade ousted due to relocation to Tunisia and its seamstresses have experienced the worst. Placed in receivership in July 2018 after the false bond of a client, Indiscrète had to face the month following the suicide of Didier Degrand, one of its three founders. An incredible outpouring of national solidarity then enabled Béatrice Mongella and Christelle Bois to raise the bar and find a buyer, Michel Gouzon, who arrived on January 15, 2019.

Here, no partial unemployment or public aid

Seduced, this septuagenarian had injected more than 500,000 euros on his own funds. ” I regret nothing ! I am proud to have saved this company and to work with high performing employees. These feelings are priceless. I will continue as long as my heart and my arteries follow, ”smiles Michel Gouzon, 75 years old.

The galleys, Indiscrète has known others such as this burglary in February 2020. “3000 pieces finished for 200,000 euros of losses. We had to recreate everything in an emergency, ”explains the CEO. “Each collection was also archived. Everything has been stolen, it is our greatest damage, ”adds Christelle Bois.

The projects have since replaced these painful memories. Indiscrète has acquired the workshops it previously rented and is currently building two extensions to expand its storage space and install new machinery. The health crisis, it has little affected the company which made more than 100,000 masks. “We have never resorted to partial unemployment, deferred the payment of charges or touched a cent of public aid”, insists Michel Gouzon.

Small series, from 5 to 25 pieces

This new-found stability reassures the seamstresses of Indiscrète. “In 2018, we were devastated by the suicide of Didier Degrand and the situation of the company, breathes Agnès. We saw ourselves unemployed but I don’t know how to do anything else. I started at 16 at Aubade, I have 3 years left before retirement. There, we have work to do and everything is going well! This success, Indiscrète also owes it to its high-end and made in France positioning.

“This label is essential and tenable with constant vigilance on the production line. We launch 8 to 10 collections per year, for men and women ”, summarize Béatrice Mongella and Michel Gouzon. The growth of the company is also based on subcontracting. “Many customers come to get this made in France from us,” explains Christelle Bois. Our strength is to accept small series, from 5 to 25 pieces. Faced with our competitors who ask for at least 50, we had to go against the grain! “

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