The Truth About Matchday 27 (Young World Daily)

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“Football without fans is nothing!” Was read on the 27th matchday at the weekend on a banner in one of the empty football arenas. The message was captured by cameras for television broadcasting, i.e. for fans in front of so-called end devices. Selling such things can make you an incredible amount of money, see Bill Gates. You can also earn an incredible amount of money by transferring coveted moving images to these screens, see Bundesliga. And if necessary, the business can also be done in the stadiums without fans. Because in the meantime, people are no longer just interested in Dortmund and maybe Castrop-Rauxel in how BVB is kicking, but also in Cleveland and Guangzhou.

As soon as the clubs start producing for the global television sports market, strange things happen. For example, the fans create the atmosphere – what is missing now. However, they are not paid for this, but still have to …


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