The truth of the New York Times report on Lanzarote

Neither does it extol the island beauties, nor the security against Covid as the Cabildo said

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  • Some analysts have described the frustrated attempt of the press office of the Cabildo de Lanzarote to try to sell that the international digital edition of one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world had dedicated a report on beauty and safety to tourism in a certain blunder. Lanzarote in the midst of a pandemic.

    The reality is quite different. The New York newspaper actually does a little report to highlight the few restrictions on tourism in Spain despite the pandemic.

    The only certainty is that to illustrate this report (and it is not little) they choose the typical photo of tourists riding camels in the Montañas del Fuego, but they speak with some foreigners who spend their holidays in Lanzarote and they confirm the few security measures against the pandemic that exist on the island. In spite of this, the Cabildo’s statement headlined “Lanzarote’s Beauty and Tourist Safety head the front page of the New York Times.”

    The truth is that in the report they do not at any time extol the beauty of Lanzarote and do not highlight tourist safety. Quite the contrary, because they end with the statements of a couple of tourists who have caught Covid on the island and who prefer to spend the disease in their country.

    But appearing in the New York Times is positive, even if they don’t speak well of the island.

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