“The truth that matters to me is that of the patient”

The Doctor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Albert Moukheiber, author of Your brain is playing tricks on you (1), returns for ” The cross “ on our relationship to the truth. What definition of truth does he give? Why are we more likely to believe lies and fake news?

→ OUR FILE. Truth Investigations: Have we swapped THE truth for OUR truths, sacrificing the first on the altar of personal beliefs and individual freedom?

Selected pieces

– “The truth is something quite large. There are many types of truths, there is the truth of each, the truth of the natural world. […] And then he has the truth which is not binary: we can have more or less true. “(00’40)

– “It’s not necessarily easier to believe in fake news because by definition when you believe in it, you don’t know it’s fake news. Fake news is written in a way that is easy, emotional, and self-defeating. “(01’45)

– “Truth in science is something that is always conditioned by trust factors. We think we’re true at 20%, 30%. We never reach 100%. “(03’30)

– “We all lie, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. But as with the truth, not all lies are created equal. “(04’05)

→ MAINTENANCE. Olivier Abel and Rémi Brague: “We cannot appropriate the truth”

(1) Your brain plays tricks on you, Allary editions, € 14.99


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