The turn-based strategy game “Warhammer 40K: Warzone” will be available on PS4 / Xbox One platform “Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector” on December 2nd

Publisher Slitherine and developer Black Lab Games announced that they will launch the turn-based strategy game “Warhammer 40K: War Zone(Temporary translation, original name: Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector)”, and will simultaneously log in to Xbox Game Pass (host/PC platform).

  《Warhammer 40K: War Zone“The background is set in the cruel universe of the 41st millennium. Players have to choose their own military strength, develop the army, and dispatch omnipotent heroes; properly use strategies, amazing abilities and destructive weapons to fight for victory.

There are 20 single-player epic campaign missions designed in the game. Players will explore the period after the end of Devastation of Baal, assist Sergeant Carleon and his allies to wipe out the Tyranid in Baal Secundus, and become the noble angel of the Holy Blood (Blood Angel) Maintain its glory.

  《Warhammer 40K: War Zone》The PC version was first launched through Steam on July 22. The upcoming home console version supports complete trophies and achievements, as well as a new user interface and control method specifically designed for home console platforms.

Slitherine and Black Lab Games also announced that they will expand the “Warhammer 40K: War Zone“Introduce new factions, maps and modes. The first two DLC “Blood Angels Elite” and “Tyranid Elites” will be launched on the console and PC on December 2.

“Holy Blood Angel Elite” provides players with “Assault Terminators (Assault Terminators)” and “Sanguinary Guard (Sanguinary Guard)”, the assault terminator has a deep attack ability that can change the rules of the game, and the Sanguinary Guard You can use their jumping bag to quickly cross the battlefield, and can be equipped with a variety of long-range and melee weapons.

The downloadable content pack of “Talren Zerg Elite” adds “Broodlord” and “Hive Guard”. The Worm’s Nest Lord is an excellent melee warrior, with the natural ability to disrupt the thinking of nearby prey, while the Worm’s Nest Guard wrapped in heavy armor can make deadly long-range attacks.

Slitherine will host the “Slitherine Home of the Wargamers Live +” event on December 14th, local time. It is expected that a new faction that will join the game in 2022 will be exposed for the first time.


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