The two big changes you will see in your Xiaomi with the next MIUI update

MIUI 12 brings two great changes to the interface of your Xiaomi mobile.

Last updated on 11/19/2020 at 09:11

Even though Xiaomi continues to work on fixing MIUI 12 problems, the company does not forget the development of new functions and features for the latest version of your Android-based operating system.

In fact, the latest beta version of MIUI 12 introduce two big changes in the user interface, which in the next few days will reach all phones updated to MIUI 12.

And it is that as they explain in the portal MIUI Poland, Xiaomi has redesigned the volume control and device shutdown menus, with a new look very different from the current one.

Redmi Note 9 Pro, frontal

MIUI 12 on a Xiaomi mobile.

This is how the new MIUI 12 shutdown and volume control menus are

Both changes have been introduced in the last MIUI 12 beta version based on Android 11, currently available for a few models of the company.

First, we see how the new system shutdown menu now looks more like which we can see in other customization layers, such as Realme UI, since we found a vertical slider located in the middle of the screen, with a central button that can be moved up or down depending on whether we want to turn off or restart the phone.

On the other hand, we also find a redesigned volume control panel, which adopts the same format as the shutdown menu, so that the controls become sliders in the central part of the screen.

In addition, we find ** shortcuts that allow you to activate or deactivate the different alert modes –sound, vibration or silence– or choose whether to use the “Do Not Disturb” mode.

Those who have already been able to try this new format indicate that, by default, the volume control allows you to change the volume level of the tone, and to be able to change the volume of multimedia, notifications or alarms, you have to touch the three-point icon.

These are all the changes discovered in the latest version of MIUI, which little by little will be implemented among the Xiaomi mobiles compatible with the new version. At the moment, there is no estimated date for your arrival.

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