The two Dominicans arrested in NY for flying Chichigua could face charges for endangering air safety

The two Dominicans who were arrested last Sunday in New York for flying Chichigua could face charges of endangering air safety.

According to information published on the website, those arrested were identified as Frank Fernández and Raúl Jiménez (El Romántico).

In fact it occurred in a Bronx County park, where the defendants caused at least three police patrols to mobilize, who were trying to locate the perpetrators of the act, but they were confused among the trees in the park. Finally they were able to find his whereabouts.

The commotion took place after a passenger plane that was making a local flight reported to the control tower about an unidentified flying object -which had the colors of the Dominican flag- was on its air route, indicates the said portal .

After alerting the police, several patrols arrived at the place where the chichigua was flying and the possibility that it was an aircraft was immediately ruled out. The action caused alarm in the city.

In a video that went viral on social networks, it is observed how the two men enjoy the action, while they watched the agents who were trying to identify them, while curiosity and panic seized the inhabitants in the environment.


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