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The new conditions of use of the famous messaging application, Whatsapp, encourage its users to think about other alternatives. Indeed, from February 08, 2021, all users of Whatsapp will be forced to share some of their private information with Facebook, owner of the application. Thus, the company has indicated that data such as the IP address, transaction and location data, as well as the telephone number will be used for commercial purposes.

The possibility of creating large groups with 100,000 members

The situation has also led many users to uninstall Whatsapp. However, there are two alternatives to the latter: Telegram and Signal. The first is an application that offers much more security than Whatsapp in terms of security. Indeed, the user’s data is subject to end-to-end encryption, while using a protocol MT-Proto, safer. To this is added a division into two parts, decryption keys, to further strengthen the security of the application. Otherwise, Telegram pointed out that these keys are only “Never kept in the same place as the data they protect”. The strong points of the application are in the first place, the possibility to create large groups with 100,000 members and to have private discussions.

You can delete messages after a while

More, Telegram offers the possibility to send large files up to 1.5 GB. The only downside is that unlike Whatsapp, Telegram does not offer the ability to make video calls. The other app that can be a serious alternative to Whatsapp, is Signal. This operates on the same basis as those of Whatsapp, making that users will quickly find themselves in the use of the application.

The developers of the app have made security a priority, adding features that enhance privacy. Indeed, it is possible to delete messages after a certain time. Signal also enjoys a good reputation, since the billionaire Elon Musk and the old American alert Edward snowden recommend their use.

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