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Original title: The two highly anticipated new swim pants were picked up by the strongest painting game in 10 months and 100 million yuan

The new version of[Hot Tour Information]will consist of three parts: “New Tour Dynamics”, “Global Popularity” and “Classic Games”.

I can’t tell you a sentence or two, so let’s join Dr. X about the hot news this week.

For a long time, whenever “Love him 5” is on the sales list, players will complain about the progress of R star in the production of “GTA6”, and R star is not panic at all, and never announces the relevant news of the new work, so that players think that R star Star is ready to catch a game and eat it for a lifetime.

Who knew that just a few days ago, a hacker suddenly announced a large number of early development real machines of “GTA6” in overseas forums, and there were more than 90 leaked clips, which can be said to have ripped off the R star’s bottoms.

Although these leaked videos are only a simplified version of the early development, they have already shown a lot of game content. In addition to the setting of the male and female protagonists, the words “Sin City” appear in the clips, maybe in the sixth generation players can come to a game. Revisiting the place.

Fortunately, Rockstar said that “GTA6” will not be affected by this leak, and the game will continue to be developed normally, and the hacker who stole the data and leaked it has also been arrested and brought to justice.

At least this time it is to let players know that “GTA6” is doing it.

Focus: “Overwatch” “Return” brand new hero Mizuki announced that the short story will be officially launched on October 5th

“Return” of “Overwatch” will be officially launched on October 5, ushering in a new era of free games. The new hero “Mizuki” was officially released a few days ago. This week, “Overwatch” released a new short film of “Mizuki”, which introduced the background story of this new hero.

When it comes to combat, Kiriko uses her miko and ninja training to support her team with gentle healing, deadly precision, and fluid mobility. Mizuki’s main skill is “Talisman”, these amulets are filled with energy. When you use this skill, you’ll see runes fly out in pairs and track allies. The talisman flies very slowly, but you can compensate for this by teleporting to an ally with the skill.

At present, in order to build momentum for “Overwatch: Homecoming”, “Overwatch” has been temporarily suspended, and can officially start playing until October 5th. Players can prepare now, and wait until the last few days of the National Day holiday. Enter the new version of the game experience.

Focus: Raised another $100 million in 10 months? Star Citizen Announces New Development Video for Vulture Ship

Star Citizen, the controversial space sim from developer Cloud Imperium Games, has now crowdfunded more than $500 million and has more than 4 million backers.

This game has an extremely long development process. The game is still in the Alpha testing stage more than ten years after its production began, and most of the funds for game production come from crowdfunding. Crowdfunding reached $400 million last November, and it took another 10 months to raise $100 million.

While a decade on, there’s still no sign of an official release for Star Citizen, but developers have begun work on the highly anticipated but long-delayed single-player campaign “Squadron 42.”

It can only be said that this is the most successful case of the Ponzi scheme in the game field.

But in fact, just when it broke the 500 million mark, “Interstellar Citizen” still gave the crowdfunders a little soup, and they released a new video on the official YouTube channel – the vulture ship salvage gameplay.

I don’t know how many more years this game can cheat.

Key point: leaked again! Diablo 4’s 43-minute live demo leaked

GTA6 is not the only game that leaked the content of the development version this week. After the previous test was leaked, Diablo 4 again leaked a 43-minute live demo this week.

From the video, in addition to seeing the barbarian’s skill display and skill tree, you can also see the decorations in the store. According to Blizzard’s previous promise, in “Diablo 4”, the player’s kryptonium will not become stronger, and the decorations in the store will not affect the gameplay.

However, Blizzard does not seem to take these leaks seriously, and is planning to prepare another late-stage closed beta test. Although players in this beta test cannot discuss or share the game experience publicly, it is estimated that Blizzard’s current attitude towards leaks is very difficult. It is difficult to guarantee that the real machine test will not be affected.

Focus: “League of Legends” S12 theme song is too vulgar?The theme song “Chasing the Stars” was criticized by players

Recently, “League of Legends” announced the theme song “Chasing the Stars” for the S12 global finals. This song was sung by the famous American rap singer Li Nacha. If you don’t read the lyrics, it sounds pretty good.

However, after the announcement of the theme song, it immediately caused complaints from many players at home and abroad. In addition to the singer’s identity as a black gay, there is also a big reason that the lyrics have almost nothing to do with LOL or S12, it is purely a singer’s personal A work of strong style.

(The original indecent words are all silenced + shielded + Chinese word change)

The most outrageous thing is that these two sentences appear in the lyrics. Even though the official MV has silenced some bad words and tried to make the lyrics appear as “faithful and elegant”, it is still difficult to hide the poor lyrics.

(Friends who don’t understand can directly translate the keywords “nigga and condom”)

Not only in China, but also overseas, this song has also been criticized. Not only is it ranked the worst song in the finals by players, but the MV has reached 30w (likes)/5.7w (dislikes) data on YouTube. , the 330w likes of the previous songs have only 6.8w likes, this time it is a record.

It can only be said that fist and Li Nacha lost both this time.

【Classic game】

Highlights: “The World of Gods and Ghosts”[Asgard]new server appointments open and you return to Asa’s Domain

At 14:00 on September 28, 2022, the new server “Asgard” of “The World of Gods and Ghosts” will open, and Atlantis has opened a new epic chapter, allowing you to relive the classic journey.

By binding the reservation account in the new server, you can get a lot of props and gift packs for event rewards. Interested players must not miss it.

Highlights: Starting from the autumn expansion pack of “Cold Against the Water”, what has changed in “Breathing Rivers and Lakes”?

The time has come to the end of 2022. After another year of dormant development, the MMO terminal game market does not seem to be stagnant as our players predicted. On the contrary, the new games are scrambling to brush their faces, and the ace products are introduced again and again, indicating that the field of MMO terminal games is still strong, and it is an evergreen tree in the game category.

Now, “Reverse Water Cold” will also launch its third expansion of this year on September 22[Breaking the Array! The contention rises again]. This time the expansion pack is not much more content than the previous one, but a complete reform of the underlying mechanism.

In this new version, “Reverse Water Cold” uses the first-hand 69 contention server to bring all players back to the starting line, creating a nostalgic gameplay similar to the old version of the nostalgic server, and can continue to play for a long time, re-experience the stress-free early life.

At the same time, the cross-server market that players are thinking about has also been opened again, and the game will also be able to conduct full-game business transactions. On the basis of guaranteed prices, players will have more opportunities to make money.

Interested students don’t miss it.

Focus: “The Swordsman” end game HD server new expansion “Qin Yin Zang Feng” is online this week

The end game HD server of “Swordsman” finally ushered in a new version of “Qin Yin Zang Feng” this week. In addition to the highly anticipated new professional Hengshan faction, there are also a new 6V6 battlefield to fight against the snow, gang battles to cast swords and seal demons, resources to challenge Xuanwu secret treasures and many other activities with rich rewards will be launched simultaneously.

In this update, a new professional Hengshan School will be launched. Although Hengshan School is one of the Five Sacred Sword Schools, because the disciples of this school love rhythm, the weapon is a huqin, and they are good at using musical instruments to launch sword qi to attack.

In addition, the 6V6 multiplayer battlefield gameplay, the new gang battle gameplay, and the new team PK gameplay, Xuanwu Secret Treasure, can allow players to experience more intense group competition, so as to encourage players to maintain the tension and fun of fighting against others in the game .

【New Tour News】

Focus: Most of the bad reviews after the updated version of “Taiwu Picture Scroll” are too poorly optimized and external teaching content

This week, “Taiwu Picture Scroll” released a large-scale version update. While launching a large number of new content, it is basically a complete remake of the game. Looking at Eggplant’s efforts in the game in the past four years, players We can only say one thing, don’t do it, don’t do it.

Just after the game was updated, it received a lot of negative reviews. Among the thousands of reviews recently, the positive rate was less than half. Most of these negative reviews pointed to the lack of novice guidance, more bugs, and poor optimization in the game. The problem is to say that the problems of the old version have not been solved and a lot of new ones have been born.

In addition, “Taiwu Painting Scroll” also carried out a wave of extreme and wonderful operations – “external beginner tutorial”. Since there is no novice guide in the game at all, players are complaining. The official countermeasure of the game is to publish dozens of novice teaching guides on the official account of station B to help players solve problems.

It can only be said that at present, the completion of “Taiwu Picture Scroll” is still not a qualified product. I hope the game officials can continue to polish it and solve the problems raised by players as soon as possible.

Focus: “Monopoly 11” will be launched on PC and NS platforms simultaneously, and Steam reservation is now open

“Monopoly 11” is a strong hand chess casual game released by Daewoo Information. The “Monopoly” series of games has lasted for more than 30 years to accompany the growth of generations. When talking about strong hand chess in the global Chinese community, you must think of “Monopoly” , now the eleventh work is about to be launched, this work will be launched on the PC and NS platforms simultaneously, and the reservation page on the Steam platform has been launched.

In the traditional map of “Monopoly 11”, we still move forward by rolling dice, buying open spaces to upgrade buildings, we can consider placing roadblocks in front of our homes to charge our opponents a lot of money, through stock trading, fairy possession, news events, buying lottery Earn more money in other ways, and finally win the game.

In the Monopoly game, in addition to a million points of luck, you also need to defeat your opponents through wisdom, seize key areas, use cards strategically, and strategize to become a monopoly. According to the production team, in addition to the traditional maps in the “Monopoly 11” game, there are also hot battle maps inherited from the 10th generation, and the 11th generation designs a new challenge game, so stay tuned.

Key point: PUBG developer released a new concept preview to create a “Korean version of the wizard”

Recently, “PUBG” developer Krafton announced a new concept video for the game “The Nhaga Eater”, which is based on the Korean fantasy work “The Bird Drinking Tears”. It is reported that the trailer was produced using UE5, and the team has spent two years on this project, aiming to create a “Korean version of the wizard”.

The official mentioned in the introduction to the video that the game is based on the Korean best-selling work “Birds Drinking Tears”, which is a best-selling fantasy novel by Korean author Li Rongdao, and the four races in the book will also appear in the game. Among them, “Naga” is the main invading force in the book, with the ability to control water.

The art of the work is in charge of Iain McCaig, who has participated in the creation of art in the “Star Wars” series, “Harry Potter”, “Avengers” and other movies.

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