the two parties give their version in ‘Hora 25’

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The Community will begin this week to remove fallen trees and will enter the “phase of not absolute normality” on Monday

The Government chaired by Isabel Diaz Ayuso explains, for his part, that has decreed the passage to phase 1 of the Inclement Plan, in which cleaning management returns entirely to local administrations. The move to phase 1 It will mean the disappearance of the personnel and machinery that the UME has provided since Friday the 8th began the great snowfall. The Community of Madrid points out that the decision was taken at the meeting of the Territorial Civil Protection Plan of the Community of Madrid (PLATERCAM). It should be noted that the UME is present at the meeting of the Territorial Plan of Civil Protection of the Community of Madrid, but that it does not have the capacity to decide on the withdrawal or not of its troops. According to the Government, “an express withdrawal of the UME is not necessary to explain what has happened” because when going from phase 2 to 1 any State aid is dispensed with.

José Manuel Franco (Government Delegate in Madrid)

Honestly, the penultimate thing I want is to argue about the problems in Madrid. An express withdrawal from the UME is not necessary to explain what has happened. When you go down to level 1, what happens is that the community has to fend for itself. Really, there should be no room for this controversy. Level 1: State action is not contemplated and that is so.

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On Almeida’s explanation

I am not aware of Almeida’s words. UME has done a commendable job. If it were not for them, those who do not bet on quality public services would have to resort to the state media, who has given them exemplary help.

At this time no city council has requested the help of the army. For this inclement winter, the PLATERCAM decided to go from level 2 to level 1 and this implies that it has to solve these problems with its own means. I take this opportunity to tell the city council and the community that a rainstorm is coming.

I want to trust my rulers. If they have decided to do this it is because they have objective criteria. What they cannot is accuse the Government of having withdrawn the UME.

Enrique López (Minister of Justice and the Interior of Madrid)

We told them that we were going to wait for the municipalities to make their requests. After more than 30 hours without any city council asking for anything, in an area of ​​consensus the federation of municipalities and other representatives decided to go to phase 1. I insist, with a broad level of consensus, we decided to lower level 2 to 1 of normal practice in which it remains to clean streets. When we consulted the Federation of Municipalities, they told us that they used their own means. Consulted the Madrid city council, the same. In a broad consensus and with coordination between administrations, I hope that this controversy will be solved as soon as possible.

UME continues to support the health emergency. They keep lending their work. But in what are the emergency work for the storm no longer. Together we decided to withdraw the UME, they are exhausted and we have to withdraw them. On Saturday, the Civil Protection asked us to think about withdrawing the UME. We ask them for a few hours to ask the municipalities and then we go to level 1.

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Interior statement

The Ministry of the Interior, before various information appeared on the deployment of the Military Emergency Unit in the Community of Madrid, notes:

**** Consult the UME document.

  • The Community of Madrid, within the scope of its powers, has decided this Monday morning to de-escalate its Emergency Plan, going from level 2 to level 1 alert. This means that the Community of Madrid decides not to use state resources, including those of the Military Emergency Unit, for recovery work after the storm and the cold wave.
  • The decision of the Community of Madrid affects and is binding for all city councils in its territory.
  • The Community of Madrid has officially communicated this decision at 10.30 am this Monday to the General Directorate of Civil Protection and Emergencies of the Ministry of the Interior, which in turn, has communicated it to the Ministry of Defense for the appropriate purposes.
  • The Ministry of the Interior has not had any participation in this decision and has limited itself to communicating it through the established channels.

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