The two reasons John Wall resents the Wizards

Everything goes very quickly in the NBA. For a few hours and a Shams Bomb, John Wall is likely not to be a Wizard again next season. The player is the first surprised, and he is surprised to say the least.

One of the last bastions of loyalty in the NBA is said to be on the verge of collapse. John Wall, who has worn the Wizards team since 2010, is possibly set to leave the capital, but not of his own accord.

The first rumors fell overnight: the Wizards would have entered into discussions with the Rockets for a huge trade centered around the two All-Star leaders John Wall and Russell Westbrook. The first quoted does not seem at all delighted, and even says he is “surprised” by this news, which is the last straw after the recent comments of GM.

John Wall was recently “surprised” to learn that the GM of the Wizards said the team is now built around Bradley Beal.

Seriously injured since 2018, Wall has still not reappeared on the floors. In the meantime, his partner Bradley Beal has come a long way and the franchise is now focused on him rather than the point guard.

Wall, whose relationship has not always been rosy with Beal, therefore feels somewhat “betrayed”, as is the case with another star from the East. The Kentucky alumnus has been carrying the franchise for a decade now, making it one of only two players who remained loyal to their franchise for at least 10 years in business.

Wall’s gigantic contract seems to be the only tie that still binds the franchise and the player. The latter recovering too slowly from his injuries, the Wizards would be ready to consider any offer to give him a way out and not take the risk of stagnating.

Surprisingly, the Rockets have volunteered to be that door and Washington is open to any suggestion. If he recovers physically, John Wall is going to have a hard time mentally taking it behind.

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