The U.S. Navy’s domineering feet watch the Liaoning “Ring Time” anxiously acid reflux: the U.S. military’s work style is more lax

The U.S. military raised its feet to look at the photos of the Liaoning, which caused heated discussions. The picture is taken from the U.S. Navy website

The U.S. Navy recently released a photo of the “Marstin” expulsion commander Lieutenant Colonel (Robert Briggs) “lifting his feet” looking at the communist Liaoning ship, causing heated discussions. Seeing that the U.S. military “sees it”, the CCP media “Global Times” immediately reported in the report that it had interviewed personnel familiar with the work habits of the U.S. military, and the work style of the U.S. military was rather lax.

Regarding the view of the US Captain Liaoning with his feet up, Su Ziyun, executive director of the Tamkang University Integration Strategy Center and a scholar of the National Defense Security Research Institute, believes that the US military has released photos of “easy” monitoring of the Communist army. Keep fighting power in mind.

In a state of military tension, the US military still takes it lightly. The US military lifts its feet to see if the Liaoning is provocative? The Chinese Communist Party media “Global Times” has a conservative attitude. It still depends on whether it is deliberately or arbitrarily. It also mentioned that the distance between the US ship and the Liaoning is still a normal distance, which is not dangerously close, but it does not forget to counterattack, claiming Quoting from a person familiar with the working habits of the U.S. military, he said that the U.S. military’s work style is rather lax.

According to the Global Times, many experts believe that the US military’s intention to release this photo at this time is obvious, showing that the US is determined to fight China, and is intended to win over and embolden allies.

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