The UAE allows the use of a new “innovative” drug against Corona… so what is it?

The first country in the world to use it

The UAE Ministry of Health announced the emergency use of a new drug effective against Corona, produced by the global company “GSK”, to make the UAE the first in the world to use it, after the approval and approval of the US Food and Drug Administration “FDA” for the emergency use of it.

This drug will contribute to reducing the number of cases requiring hospitalization for more than 24 hours and reducing the number of deaths caused by infection with the Corona virus, by up to 85% when given to patients as an early treatment.

And the UAE granted the emergency use of Sotrovimab-VIR-7831, which depends on “monoclonal antibodies” to treat patients aged 12 years and over who face a high risk of developing severe “Covid-19” symptoms and hospitalization due to the repercussions of the disease.

Abdul Rahman bin Muhammad Al Owais, Minister of Health and Community Protection, explained that this qualitative achievement comes within the framework of the UAE’s keenness to establish its leadership and precedence in the effective response to the pandemic as a model to be emulated globally by attracting and providing innovative medicines that have proven effectiveness and efficiency, and their approval within treatment protocols, which contributes significantly In accelerating the recovery of patients, decreasing the duration of stay in intensive care and reducing deaths, in addition to continuing to conduct examinations and provide vaccines within the forefront of the world in dealing efficiently with the “Covid 19” pandemic.

He added that this achievement is the result of the wise leadership’s keenness to harness the best capabilities and resources and protect the gains made during the past period at all levels, stressing the importance of the partnership between the health sector in the country, international research institutions, the medical and pharmaceutical private sector, and reliance on science and innovation.

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He said: “Perhaps this is one of the lessons learned from the “Covid-19” pandemic, in which the UAE proved its success in facing the largest health crisis in modern history… because discovering innovative solutions and treatments in order to provide distinguished and effective health care, especially during the spread of epidemics, can lead It helps governments to respond to health crises more effectively and efficiently.


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