The UAE’s humanitarian hand is wide in shades

No human dilemma emerges, except for the UAE’s hand as an antidote and balm, which bandages wounds, removes sores, gives reassurance and restores a smile to the faces of the oppressed, the distressed, and those in whose eyes there is a riot. This is the biography of a country that does not stand on the sidewalk and watch the drowned, rather it is not from the relief oars that prevent harm and repel sparks from all people, in the belief of the wise leadership that we live in one house in this world, and if a member complains, other members respond to him with relief and assistance, and exposing suffering. , about chest and throat. This is the Emirates today that plays its pivotal humanitarian role, and stands on humanitarian events with an attitude of generosity and giving without limits, which made it in the world a tree in the shadows, and a cloud rich with water to escape from scarcity and poverty. Arranging their meanings and pruning their hearts from denial and fatigue, these are the emirates, the good word whose roots are in the earth, and its branches are in the sky, and between the root and the branch. The legend of sacrifice, justice, and joy, and it is in the world an area that flaunts the greenness of hearts and broad vision, and for this reason this country has become like the sun with its eyelids of gold, and its light from the splendor of bright minds, and its strength from the solidity of its will, and the love of the other from its determination to spread the wing of love in all The sides of the earth, the corners of the universe, and the rug of the high sky. These Emirates today appear in life the luster of those who warm their lives in order for people to live in abundance and the joy of sufficiency. These stream emirates, probing the rivers, in their sacrifices, manifestations, aspirations, ambitions, and long travels in the conscience of existence, belong to the universe in a spirit of transparency, and inevitable feelings of solidarity with the other without borders and without questions that obstruct the path or facilitate it. These emirates today are in this wire that extends from the four sides, which is the compass, and it is the revered star, and it is the truth that is not covered by the mist of ideology and is not hindered by the blurring of alignments, the compulsive ones, it is clarity, and the eloquent day, and it is the language glorified with the vocabulary of love without conditions, and without commas. There are no joints, it is this way that emerged in the world as it is the ancient palm, and as it is the glorious dreams, it is this way made of giving as an approach, and of giving as an approach, and of brotherhood as a way of communication, and integration into the one universe, we all included Mother Earth.

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