The UK launches its “green industrial revolution”

The British government on Wednesday (November 18th) presented measures supposed to create tens of thousands of jobs while placing the country on the path to carbon neutrality by 2050. If the end of the sale of combustion vehicles in 2030, the one of the flagship announcements, is greeted with enthusiasm, the amount of investment does not satisfy everyone.

Electric cars, wind power, home insulation: the British government unveiled a 10-point plan on Wednesday, November 18 “For a greener future”. The goal, one year from COP26 organized in Glasgow, United Kingdom: giving the country the means to achieve carbon neutrality, a goal set for 2050 by London.

This “Green industrial revolution”, as Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson calls it, “Should make it possible to create and support some 250,000 jobs”, Explain The Guardian. Among the key points listed by the London daily:

  • the ban on the sale of combustion vehicles in 2030, ten years before the deadline initially chosen by the executive (France gives itself until 2040, just like Spain);
  • the fourfold increase in the production capacity of the wind energy sector, with the aim of generating enough electricity to supply “every household in the country ” in electricity within ten years;
  • investments in nuclear power and in hydrogen production;
  • one billion pounds sterling (1.1 billion euros) for the thermal renovation of housing and public buildings;
  • an investment of 200 million pounds (223 million euros) in carbon dioxide storage initiatives;
  • planting 30,000 trees per year;
  • the desire to build the first “zero emission” aircraft capable of long-haul flights;
  • a budget of 2 billion pounds (2.2 billion euros) to promote cycling and walking.

Valued at 12 billion pounds (13.4 billion euros), the plan is welcomed by non-governmental organizations for the protection of the environment, like Greenpeace UK, who greets “The end of the journey for polluting vehicles”. “But it is a pity that the Prime Minister persists with nuclear and hydrogen, obtained thanks to fossil fuels, tempers the organization.

At the same time, the amount of the envelope also raises questions. For the Labor opposition, whose proposed green recovery plan includes investments of up to £ 30 billion, “This is a pale imitation of what we really need, with heated measures”. At the same time, insists Labor, “France and Germany have allocated tens of billions of euros in similar stimulus packages”.

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