The ULPGC Medicine students refuse to increase places: “It is harmful”

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They consider that expanding enrollment would affect the “quality of the degree” and call the position in favor of the Social Council an “unacceptable attack” on the Faculty

Luisa del Rosario

The students of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) are against expanding the number of places in the Medicine degree on next year, supporting the theses of the dean, María del Mar Tavío and the Faculty Board. This is how Echedey Nuez explains it, a medical student, member of the ULPGC Student Council and chair of the Health Sciences board.

It’s not fair to the university community of our center the discredit to which the Faculty of Health Sciences is being subjected for rejecting a proposal that we consider detrimental to the quality of the Medicine degree, “says Nuez.

It is necessary to emphasize that it is reached unanimously by all those present [de la Junta de la Facultad], and which is preceded by a similar statement by the Medicine Teaching Advisory Commission last July”, he adds. Déniz refers to the decision that was made on November 7 in an extraordinary meeting and although it was with the approval of all those present, some voices indicate that very few members of said body attended.

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On the other hand, Nuez considers that
the institutional declaration of the Social Council of last December 22 in which he made “a public call to the responsibility of the Faculty of Health Sciences” to increase the number of places next year
it is “an attack on our faculty. It is unacceptable and out of place. It is inappropriate to approve an institutional declaration taking advantage of the lack of students in said body due to the pending renewal of the place that corresponds to the student body. They are not taking into account the needs of the students. They are out of reality », he affirms.

For the students,
Their position “diametrically opposed to the increase in places” is based on the fact that they find “that neither the faculty nor the public hospitals where clinical practices are carried out have enough space to house more students, because we are having serious problems to locate the ones we currently have. The lack of internship teachers has become a normality, which has caused our clinical training to depend in certain cases on the vocation of medical personnel without ties to the university, which exemplarily guarantees that no student is left without internships, although be after the official call”.

In the opinion of the students, summarizes Nuez,
«if we increase the number of graduates, the only thing we will achieve is to create a bottleneck in the systemwhere our recently graduated doctors are forced to spend years swarming outside the MIR program until they get a training place, or are condemned to emigrate to other countries, so this type of debate must be faced with serenity and taking into account the expert opinion”.

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