The Ultimate Guide to September Streaming: New Shows and Movies on Netflix and Disney+

2023-09-11 09:51:00

Stream on Netflix in September

ab 1. September

Disenchantment: Season five of Matt Groening’s comedy series about Princess Bean is starting.

One and a half days: Artan really wants his daughter back. To do this, he doesn’t shy away from kidnapping her from his ex-wife’s workplace.

Happy Ending: Romantic comedy about the relationship between Luna and Mink.

Friday Night Plan: Coming-of-age comedy in which two brothers try to get into the hottest party of the year.

ab 3. September

Is She the Wolf?: Japanese reality series in which ten men and women are looking for love. But there is a fraudster hiding among the participants.

ab 6. September

6ixtynin9 The Series: Thriller series about a young woman whose life is changed when a package of banknotes suddenly appears on her doorstep.

B. O.: New comedy series from Brazil about a police station in Rio de Janeiro.

Tahir’s House: A family struggles to get their fish shop back up and running.

Scout honor. The Secret Files of the Boy Scouts of America: Documentary about child abuse in the largest youth organization in the USA.

Predators: Tom Hardy is the narrator of his own five-part nature documentary series.

Infamy: Teenager Romni is conflicted: she stands between her parents’ strict rules, her roots as a Roma and her passion for hip-hop. Nevertheless, she wants to seek happiness as a musician.

ab 7. September

Top Boy: Season three of the series about London drug dealers.

Virgin River: A nurse moves from Los Angeles to Northern California.

Dear child: A young woman manages to escape from oppression. But that is only the beginning.

What If: “Bridget Jones” actress Renée Zellweger plays a scientist who crosses borders to finance her biotech start-up.

Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight: Warrior Po must defend his homeland against mysterious weasels who want to loot a collection of weapons.

CAMERA: Rebirth: Japanese animated series about the monster Gamera, which gained enormous popularity as a counterpart to Godzilla.

ab 8. September

A Time Called You: In this South Korean romance series, a young woman travels back in time after the death of her boyfriend and meets a man who is surprisingly similar to the deceased.

Body on fire: Spanish thriller series with Úrsula Corberó about a charred corpse of a police officer.

Selling The OC: The second season of the series about a brokerage firm in the USA.

Espionage operations: Former secret agents provide insight into their work.

The interview with Rosa Peral: Documentary about a Spanish woman who killed her partner.

ab 12. September

Glow Up: This reality series pits aspiring makeup artists against each other. Who will make a breakthrough in the beauty scene?

Michelle Wolf: It’s Great to Be Here: Comedian Michelle Wolf takes on men in this three-part stand-up special.

ab 13. September

Bernard Tapie: Entrepreneur, politician and one of France’s most controversial figures.

Wrestlers: This documentary series follows stars of the wrestling organization WWE who want to make a difference outside of the ring.

Freestyle: In order to finance his career as a rapper, Diego resorts to criminal means. After his withdrawal, he decided to lead a life without drugs and crime.

ab 14. September

The Thursday Widows: The economic crisis in Argentina leads three fathers into crime. Based on a novel by Claudia Piñeiro.

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Once upon a time there was a crime: Japanese comedy film adaptation of well-known fairy tales.

Honor Guard. The story of a seduction: Love drama at the court of an imaginary kingdom.

ab 15. September

The toughest prisons in the world: Part seven of a documentary in which journalists allow themselves to be locked up in dangerous prisons.

Count: Chilean comedy about the dictator Augusto Pinochet as a vampire.

Surviving Summer: A young American woman ends up in Australia with a group of surfers.

The club: Drama about children of rich families and their involvement in the Mexican drug business (Season 2).

The statistical probability of love at first sight: Two strangers find each other – against all odds.

Miseducation: After a public humiliation, a wannabe influencer enrolls in a small-town university. Will she get her social status back?

ab 18. September

My Little Pony – With Hoof and Heart: The next generation in the My Little Pony universe. The friends Zipp, Sunny, Izzy, Pipp and Hitch go on adventures together.

ab 19. September

The Veecks. A family story of second chances: A professor involuntarily gets caught up in the machinations of a drug cartel.

Kountry Wayne: A Woman’s Prayer: In this stand-up routine, comedian Kountry Wayne jokes about his life as a father of ten children.

ab 20. September

Hard Broken: This Lebanese thriller series follows a group of friends who are plunged into chaos after a tragic murder.

ab 21. September

Scissor Seven: Chinese anime series about a young hairdresser who becomes a contract killer (season 4).

Sex Education: Season four of the series about Otis, son of a sex therapist, who begins to give his classmates advice on sexual matters in exchange for money.

Main character Otis and his mother Jean in the comedy series “Sex Education”. : Image: Netflix

Jaane Jaane: An Indian thriller film that tells the story of a single mother who tries to cover up her husband’s murder.

ab 22. September

Song of the Bandits: South Korean action series set in 1920 and tells the story of diverse people in South Korea fighting back against Japanese occupation.

Spy Kids: Armageddon: A game developer releases a dangerous computer virus. The Spy Kids must work together to save their parents – and the entire world.

Single and wanted 2: While her best friends are planning their future, things are going badly for Maria Fé. She can’t manage to write her book and is broke.

The Black Book: A priest tries to seek justice after corrupt police accuse his son of kidnapping.

ab 26. September

The murder of Jill Dando: TV presenter Jill Dando was murdered in 1999. But who was behind it?

ab 27. September

Encounters: Documentary about alleged military encounters with aliens.

Commuters 2: The fight of three young men for a better future in a Parisian banlieue.

Love is in the Air: Romantic comedy.

Vasco Rossi: 40 years on stage: Italian rock star Vasco Rossi lets viewers take a look behind the scenes of his successful career.

Maximum load: Truck racer Roger has lost everything. Does he accept an offer to work as a getaway car driver?

ab 28. September

Castlevania. Nocturne: Animated series set in France in 1792.

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The dark side of the church of La Luz del Mundo: Mexican documentary about abuse in the church.

ab 29. September

Fact: A group of outsiders join forces against a common enemy and hatch a plan for revenge against the unscrupulous politician.

Nowhere: Nada is pregnant and flees a country at war by hiding in a shipping container. But then the container is blown into the sea, and Nada begins a fight for survival.

Tree creature Groot in the second season of the Disney series “I Am Groot”. : Image: Disney

Stream on Disney+ in September

ab 6. September

The three !!!: The film based on the series of detective stories of the same name based on the “Three ???”. The friends Kim, Marie and Franzi solve a wide variety of crimes together.

Arielle the mermaid: The live-action film adaptation of the animated classic. Mermaids are actually forbidden from coming into contact with humans, but for love, Ariel makes a witch pact that allows her to go to land.

I am Groot: The second season of the series that follows tree creature Groot from the Marvel Universe. Groot experiences exciting adventures and gets to know new creatures.

Halle Bailey as Ariel in a scene from the film “The Little Mermaid”. : Image: dpa

Justified: City Primeval: Another insight into the world of the film “Justified”. Raylan Givens has long since left Kentucky. In Detroit the police officer meets the “Oklahoma Wildman”, a violent desperado. Who will make it out of City Primeval alive?

Rocco Schiavone: Rocco Schiavone is a police officer, but he doesn’t like to follow the rules. That’s why he is transferred from Rome to the provinces and solves murder cases there.

ab 13. September

The Other Black Girl: Nella is the only black girl in her company and is therefore particularly happy about hiring Hazel. But the joy is short-lived: something strange is going on in the company.

Animals up close with Bertie Gregory: Bertie Gregory travels around the world to offer audiences insights into the lives of diverse wildlife. He experiences many adventures and rarely does everything go according to plan.

Phoenix: Eden17: In season 1 of this anime series, Romi and her partner leave Earth to make their way to the planet Eden17. But once they arrive they discover that all life has been wiped out.

9-1-1: Lone Star: This series is a spin-off of9-1-1 Emergency Call LA”. Firefighter Owen Strand lost his entire team on September 11th and now has to put together a new team.

ab 15. September

Lang Lang plays Disney: Piano virtuoso Lang Lang plays the most beautiful songs from the Disney universe.

ab 20. September

9-1-1 emergency call LA: This series shows various first aiders in their everyday work. Police officers, paramedics and firefighters experience exciting and exciting missions.

Irresistible: Comedy film with actor Steve Carell. Gary Zimmer, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, thinks he knows how his party can win back lost voters.

ab 22. September

No One Will Save You: This psychological thriller shows the everyday life of the young woman Brynn Adams. She lives peacefully in her childhood home until one day aliens attack.

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ab 27. September

The Worst of Evil: A South Korean series set in 1990 that follows undercover agents as they infiltrate the drug trade between Korea, Japan and China.

Saturdays: The first season of this comedy series revolves around Paris Johnson, who loves roller skating and spends every weekend at the roller skating rink.

This Fool: A comedy series from the USA. Julio Lopez helps everyone around him so that he doesn’t have to deal with his own problems. But then he clashes with his cousin, who has just been released from prison.

ab 28. September

The Kardashians: Season 4 of the reality show that follows the everyday life of the most famous family in America.

ab 29. September

The Simpsons: The 34th season of the successful entertainment series. Desperate to prove he’s not stupid, Homer tries to solve the disappearance of a turtle.

Stream on Amazon Prime in September

ab 1. September

Fairyteens: The first season of an animated series that follows five young fairies as they learn to control their magic and cope with the dangers of their environment. The fate of the fairy world may depend on their actions.

Put@s Social Networks: The Mexican comedy series tells the story of Amanda, who uploads children’s videos to YouTube. Seemingly at the end of her career, Amanda resorts to drastic measures to maintain her relevance on social media.

Wilderness: In this thriller series, Liv and Will go on a road trip through the USA to save their relationship. But the vacation quickly turns into disaster.

Match in the Stars: In each episode of this reality series, a new candidate is introduced, each representing a zodiac sign. Participants must go on four dates with people who have a different zodiac sign.

The Wheel of Time: Farmer boy Rand al’Thor has realized that he is the dragon reborn. In the second season of this fantasy series, he increasingly has to protect himself from danger, and the final battle is imminent.

ab 8. September

All or Nothing: The national team in Qatar: This documentary series follows the DFB team before and during the 2018 World Cup in Qatar and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the disappointing performance at the tournament.

Sitting in Bars with Cake: Los Angeles in the 1920s. Shy Jane is persuaded by her best friend Corinne to bake cakes and bring them to bars to meet new people.

ab 15. September

A Million Miles Away: This film is based on the book by astronaut José Hernández, who managed to work his way up from a life as a migrant worker and fly into space.

ab 22. September

The Continental: From the World of John Wick: This series explores the history of the assassin hotel, which plays an important role in the John Wick universe. In the first season, young Winston tries to conquer the hotel.

ab 29. September

Generation V: The first season of an action series that provides new insights into the universe of “The Boys”. The new generation of heroes is being trained at Godolkin University. But the students slowly realize that something strange is going on at school.


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