The Ultimate Guide to the 2024 Triumph Scrambler 1200: Improved Performance, Advanced Technology, and Stylish Design

2023-10-03 10:44:32

The 2024 Triumph Scrambler 1200 Better on road than XC and trails, the seat height is 820 mm, which can be lowered to 795 mm with the optional low seat. 2024 Scrambler 1200 The handlebars are 65 mm wider than the Model X. The handlebar mount can be reversed adjusted. Allows the rider to adjust the handlebar position and also has a removable handlebar base. For an additional 10mm of height adjustment, the XE also has footpegs that can be adjusted to suit a variety of riding styles and shoes, as well as the latest generation Brembo Stylema® brake calipers. New suspension. With even greater customizability, the XE It has a 32mm longer swingarm and a longer wheelbase than the X, which improves handling. and confidence in off-road driving Meanwhile, the X’s shorter wheelbase makes it agile on road. Highlights Scrambler 1200 • New suspension system: Marzocchi™ USD and 45 mm RSU shocks with separate oil reservoir. and preload adjustment Provides 170 mm of wheel travel that is optimized for road driving. Advanced driving technology (Not compatible with the previous Scrambler 1200 XC) makes the Scrambler 1200 Functions with built-in LCD/TFT display • 5 driving modes: Sport, Road, Rain, Off-Road and Rider Configable • All LED lights including unique DRL headlights compact tail light and a new sleek, contemporary turn signal • USB charging port • Accessories that can be installed to connect to a motorcycle In turn-by-turn navigation, using phone controls and listening to music Highlights Scrambler 1200 XE 2024• Updated latest generation Brembo Stylema® brake calipers. With twin 320 mm brake discs and single piston Nissin calipers at the rear on 220 mm discs, 45 mm Marzocchi™ USD shock absorbers and ‘twin spring’ RSU with brake fluid reservoir. New and improved Marzocchi™ suspension system With front and rear wheel travel length of 250 mm. Fully adjustable. and supports advanced adjustments Improved intake pipe and exhaust headers spread torque wider at high rpm. Improved decorative details Including sleek LED turn signals and new compact LED tail lights.• Increase travel efficiency with accessories, a high front shield and luggage storage at the rear. – 6 driving modes: Sport, Road, Rain, Off-Road and Rider ConfigableSport. Add Off Road Pro engine. Both models use a twin-cylinder engine. Bonneville 1200 cc, same design, improved exhaust pipe. This provides a better flow rate and a wider spread of torque in the high rpm range, from 5,000 RPM all the way to redline. Peak power arrives slightly earlier in the rev range, reaching 90 horsepower at 7,000 rpm combined. It has a maximum torque of 110 Nm, which arrives earlier as well, at 4,250 rpm. New technology has been improved on both the Scrambler Improvements To control and maintain proper traction in every corner, increase driving stability with a high-spec IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) inertial detection system developed in collaboration with Continental. This system improves performance. The Optimized Cornering ABS and Optimized Cornering Traction Control automatically select the correct settings by measuring roll, pitch, yaw and acceleration to calculate lean angle. Ready to enhance the overall driving experience. Additionally, both the X and XE are equipped with a torque-assist clutch. The Scrambler 1200 XE features a customizable, full-color TFT instrument cluster. There are two simple and stylish layout design themes to choose from. Each theme has three additional options for modifying the information you want to display. The driver can choose between a high or low contrast display. As well as personalizing the start screen to make the latest Scrambler XE feel even more personal to the rider, the Scrambler 1200 especially It is housed in a round dial with an elegant style. by small display and this compact Display information can be easily read with just a glance. SCRAMBLER’s custom style is evident with the XE’s black seats and brushed aluminum fenders. Brown upholstery for the X and black fenders on both models are updated styling details. Sleek new turn signals The 2024 Scrambler 1200 Available in Carnival Red, cool Ash Grey, and classic Sapphire Black. Read more Triumph news here.
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