The ultimate test at the UFO (

The incumbent chairman of the UFO flight attendant union, Daniel Flohr, has announced his “orderly withdrawal from the union leadership.” In a statement on Tuesday, he wanted to leave the UFO by the end of June 2021 at the latest. A corresponding plan will now be worked out with those responsible, according to the announcement. »We are again on the verge of an internal power struggle that is sparked, among other things, by myself. I would therefore like to help UFO to concentrate fully on its tasks again, «says Flohr. In view of the massive job cuts in the Lufthansa group, the union could not afford “internal trench warfare”.

Observers see this announcement in connection with the massive criticism from members of the policies of the union leadership for which Flohr and others are responsible. “I only believe what I see,” a UFO insider told “nd”. Because the announcement is not yet an official declaration of resignation and resignation. Apparently Flohr and his team wanted to take the wind out of the sails of the critics in the run-up to Christmas.

According to nd information, internal calls for Flohr to be voted out of office had been loud in recent weeks. According to the insider, several corresponding applications have been made. In order to avert the risk of impeachment, a general meeting with a hybrid character, i.e. the connection of members via video, was canceled at short notice by the leadership “because of Corona”. In addition, there have been several resignations by board members in recent weeks. The free functions have not been filled again to this day.

The ongoing conflicts also affect the person of ex-managing director Nicoley Baublies. He had emerged as the leading UFO head for many years. When asked by nd, Baublies described the current ordeal as part of a dispute and conflict between “different philosophies” in day-to-day trade union business. While some, as a “rapid intervention force”, pushed for rapid action, others relied on “long discussions.” Baublies has meanwhile started his own business as a communication trainer. Even without a formal union function, he is still »part of the UFO team«, he emphasizes. When asked by nd, he did not want to comment on his personal status or future plans, because everything was “currently in flux”. He contradicts the official statement, according to which Flohr wants to leave the UFO by mid-2021 at the latest. “He will not leave the organization,” said Baublies.

What he describes as the clash of “philosophies” is also likely to be a conflict between company interest groups and the UFO apparatus. According to nd information, there is an increasing alienation and disengagement from UFO among members of the Lufthansa cabin staff representation. Quite a few staff representatives see themselves being abandoned, patronized or run over by the union leadership. Complaints are piling up from their ranks that the protection against dismissal agreed with the Lufthansa Executive Board in the summer is incomplete and does not keep what it promises on paper. Because in the event of a worsening crisis and “high staff surplus”, the board of directors can prematurely terminate the job security. This brought Ufo the accusation of a “cuddle course” with the management.

In the meantime, a Lufthansa spokeswoman confirmed in response to an nd request that around 29,000 jobs in the group will have been lost by the end of 2020. At the beginning of 2020, the group still had 140,000 employees worldwide. Most of the deletions are made abroad. In addition, the sale of the on-board caterer LSG to Gategroup was finally settled a few days ago. Obviously, the Lufthansa bosses have given in to the insistence of major shareholder Heinz-Hermann Thiele, who demanded 30,000 job cuts in the autumn.


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