world The UN denounces that the arms embargo on Libya...

The UN denounces that the arms embargo on Libya “is a joke”


The civil war in Libya continues without remitting a month later that the participants in an international summit on that country in Berlin agree on measures to force the end of the fighting, among others the total suspension of the sending of arms to the opposing parties. “The arms embargo is a joke,” said Stephanie Williams, representative of the United Nations, however, during the Security Conference in Munich yesterday.

In a meeting they attended Foreign ministers from a dozen countries and high representatives three international organizations, Williams denounced that the two groups fighting in the North African country continue to receive supplies of weapons “by land, sea and air” and pointed the accusing finger at the Arab Emirates, Egypt, Russia and Turkey as nations that do not respect the embargo.

The head of German diplomacy, Heiko Maas, said at the end of the appointment that the discussion attended by representatives of the five powers with veto power in the UN Security Council, as well as from Turkey, Italy and the UAE, among others, had been “very open.” Maas explained that the participants had agreed to form an international committee for Libya and discussed the possible revival to control the arms embargo of the ‘Sophia’ mission of the European Union, a naval operation created in 2015 to curb illegal migration across the Mediterranean from the Libyan coast. EU Foreign Ministers are planning to discuss this issue in Brussels today.

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Despite the lack of results, the German head of Foreign Affairs said that the path started at the Berlin summit is the only one with a chance of success to end the conflict in Libya. “We know it won’t be an easy task,” he acknowledged.However, Heiko Maas, who recalled that a few days ago the UN Security Council had backed the Berlin agreements. “In New York a huge advance has been achieved,” said the German politician.

Since the death of dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya lives mired in a civil war that registered a worrying escalation in April last year. Since then, the powerful rebel general Jalifa Hafter fights from Benghazi with the support of the UAE, Egypt and Russia to the internationally recognized government of Fayez al Sarraj, which is militarily backed by Turkey. Hafter in the meantime controls most of the country and threatens to conquer Tripoli, the country’s capital.



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